Exabytes Host and Win Contest 2018

Exabytes Host and Win Contest 2018 ini sesuai disertai oleh pemilik blog atau website. Dengan berbelanja minima RM60 dalam satu resit pembelian Domain atau perkhidmatan langganan Hosting di Exabytes Hosting, anda layak untuk sertai peraduan ini.

Pada posting kali ini, eMenang nak memfokuskan tentang HOST & WIN 2018 Quarter 01 (Semua ada 4 Quarter).

Untuk HOST & WIN 2018 Quarter 01 hadiahnya adalah seperti berikut:

  • Iphone X , 1x Pemenang
  • Ipad Mini 4, 1x Pemenang
  • Gopro HERO5 , 1x Pemenang
  • Hadiah Saguhati, 5x pemenang
  • Hadiah Mingguan, 1x pemenang setiap minggu.

eMenang ada bertanya kepada pihak penganjur bagaimana pemenang dipilih. Pihak penganjur menyatakan pemenang dipilih seperti berikut:

Yes we understand that but just want to know how winner will be selected for Grand Prize because we don’t understand what mean “automatically pick” terms for this contest. Its mean lucky draw (randomly) too or how?soalan dari eMenang

eMenang ada bertanya lebih lanjut bagaimana kaedah pemilihan hadiah UTAMA, dan ini kandungan email yang kami terima.

Hi, eMenang

You’re right, It can be consider as lucky draw, The reason we do not use as lucky draw but ‘automatically pic’k just because we are using system to divide amount of purchasing to percentage.

Which meant, host more and win more. Worry caused misleading . =)

Is it this make you confusing? I might discuss with my team about this.

Thank you so much. 


Jika anda tidak faham berkenaan dengan perkara ini anda boleh email pihak penganjur untuk bertanya lebih lanjut di email : marketing@exabytes.my

Jadi jika anda bercadang untuk membeli nama domain atau web hosting dalam tempoh peraduan, bolehlah cuba di  Web hosting Exabytes. Dengan berbelanja minima RM60 dalam satu resit di Web hosting Exabytes, anda layak untuk sertai peraduan ini.

Tempoh Peraduan (HOST & WIN 2018 Quarter 01):  1 Januari 2018 hingga 31 Mac 2018

How To:

How Does It Work?

1.  Existing and New Exabytes clients who either:

  • Spend a minimum of RM60 in a single receipt within the contest period.
  • Have good payment history and have no outstanding payments.
  • Subscribe to our Web Hosting Plans, Reseller Hosting Plans, domain names, SSL or other services.

2. On 31st March 2018, our system will automatically pick the winners for the first quarter.

3. We will be announcing the list of winners via our E-Newsletters, on the website, Facebook page and Twitter a week after the deadline for the first quarter.

4. Winners will also be notified via emails. It is very important that your email address in our records are always up to date. (Update your contact details here)

5. We will send the prizes to your billing address as listed in our records by courier service within 30 days after the announcement of the winners. It is very important to ensure that your billing address in our records is always up to date. (Update your contact details here)

6. If your name is not chosen, don’t give up! You still have the chance to win one of the fabulous prizes on the remaining months.

If You want Register Domain or Purchase the Hosting Server to host Your Website or Blog, Visit HERE


  • Iphone X , 1x Pemenang
  • Ipad Mini 4, 1x Pemenang
  • Gopro HERO5 , 1x Pemenang
  • Hadiah Saguhati, 5x pemenang
  • Hadiah Mingguan, 1x pemenang setiap minggu (salah satu hadiah akan diberikan berdasarkan senarai 3 hadiah yanng dinyatakan).

Terms & Conditions

  1. The prizes are not exchangeable with cash or other Exabytes’ products.
  2. If the particular prizes are no longer available, we will replace it with other prizes with the equivalent value without notice.
  3. Only new sign-ups are entitle to an entry to the Host & Win Contest. Service/product renewal is not acceptable.
  4. Exabytes Vouchers are valid for purchases of new domain names and hostings only and is not applicable for renewal.
  5. Exabytes Host & Win Contest is open to all Exabytes clients and we can only courier the prizes to addresses in Malaysia. If you wish us to send the prizes to an address out of Malaysia, additional courier charges will be borne by you.
  6. If you win a prize and decide to cancel your account within your service subscription period, you will not be entitled to any refund of the service fees which you had already prepaid.
  7. Exabytes’ employees and their families are not eligible to participate in this contest.
  8. Exabytes reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without notice.
  9. Exabytes reserves the right to cancel this Host & Win contest without notice.

For more information visit HERE


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