Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2017

Pertandingan ini terbuka kepada semua rakyat Malaysia berumur 15 tahun ke bawah.

Jadi kalau anda ada anak, saudara atau sesiapa sahaja berbakat melukis bagitaulah kepada mereka supaya sertai Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2017 ini.

Dalam pertandingan ini ada 3 kategori iaitu

  • Kategori 1 (Bawah 8 tahun) – Anugerah Emas x 1, Perak x 1, Gangsa x 1
  • Kategori 2 (8 – 11 tahun) – Anugerah Emas x 1, Perak x 1, Gangsa x 1
  • Kategori 3 (12 – 15 tahun – Anugerah Emas x 1, Perak x 1, Gangsa x 1

contest detail

TARIKH TUTUP PENYERTAAN:  Penyertaan mesti diterima selewat-lewatnya pada 20 Februari 2017 . Kalau nak pos cepat. Boleh guna POS LAJU, atau syarikat pos laju lain

Untuk detail cara penyertaan boleh tengok dibawah:

How To Enter








award toyota

award toyota 2


  • No product purchase or participation / entry fee is necessary to participate in this contest.
  • Each artwork must be accompanied with a description of the idea behind it, to be filled in the entry form.
  • All artwork submissions must be the original creation of the participant.
  • Submissions on paper of a different size than required may lead to the exclusion of the applicant.
  • Digitally created works are not accepted.
  • Submission would be invalid if the entry form is incomplete or incorrect.
  • Please post 2 weeks before 12 February 2017 to ensure it reaches on time.
  • For multiple entries, each must be submitted with its own entry form and questionnaire.
  • Any postage costs incurred in each submission is the responsibility of the respective participant.
  • Once a submission has been received,then participant will receive a notification via e-mail confirming the receipt.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Download Contest Form HERE



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