iPrice E-Commerce Blogging Competition

Are you a blogger? Are you passionate about the e-commerce space? Do you have a strong opinion on the main challenges online shoppers face nowadays? Do you have any favorite online shop you would like to help in further improving its customer experience? If so, you’re at the right place!

The iPrice E-Commerce Blogging Competition is organized to encourage experienced or new bloggers to share great ideas on how to improve Malaysian online shopping space.

Blog your ideas and stand a chance to win RM750 prize money, trophy and a special e-badge for your blog. From the perspective of a special advisor to the CEO of your favorite e-commerce, your blog post should explain how your ideas will help improve the website’s shopping experience in a practical manner.

You could for example propose innovative strategies for their content marketing activities, new processes to improve the customer service or new design elements to improving the overall website navigation experience.

The winner will have the opportunity to present his or her ideas to the e-commerce senior management.

Contest Duration: 9th of January 2017 to 28th of February 2017.

To join the competition, you are required to publish a blog post with the elaboration on the following points:

  • Pick an e-commerce shop of your choice
  • State issues potential issues they’re facing today
  • Propose strategies the e-commerce shop can undertake to solve the issue

Click here to find out more: https://iprice.my/iema/2016/blogger-competition.html


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