Domino’s Pizza Go For Gold Contest!

Anda pelanggan Domino Pizza atau bercadang untuk membeli Domino Pizza? Kalau ya, anda memang sesuai sertai peraduan ni.

Dengan pembelian Cheesy Mozzarella Stix sama ada menerusi melalui pesanan dalam talian, penghantaran hotline dan di kedai Domino Pizza anda layak untuk sertai peraduan ini

Dalam peraduan ini, akan ada seorang pemenang hadiah Utama yang akan memenagi hadiah Gold Bar (50g). Untuk hadiah kedua, 8 pemenang akan memenangi hadiah  Gold Bar (5g).

Bagi tempat ketiga 8 pemenang akan memenangi hadiah Jam tangan emas. eMenang ada sedikit nasihat, kalau anda  seorang lelaki dan anda menang hadiah Jam Tangan Emas ini, diharap janganlah pakai jam Emas ini sebab orang lekaki tidak boleh pakai Jam Emas.

Bagi pemenang hadiah ke empat pemenang akan menerima Perfume (75ml) dan Hadiah Saguhati 200 pemenang akan menerima hadiah 1 Tahun Bekalan Domino Pizza (Regular Pizza).

Pemenang dalam peraduan ini dipilih secara dalaman. eMenang pun  tak pasti macam mana caranya tu. Dalam terma & syarat tulis macam ni: Untuk maklumat lanjut berkenaan tu, boleh tanya di kaunter Domino Pizza.

Winners will be chosen internally and will be notified at the end of the contest period.

Jadi kalau anda ada beli Cheesy Mozzarella Stix tu semasa beli Domino Pizza, jangan lupas submit penyertaan anda untuk peraduan ini. Dari pada buang resit tu, baik submit peraduan mana tau termenang hadiah nanti.

Lagi satu eMenang nak pesan jangan beli semata-mata untuk join peraduan sebab nanti kalau tak menang hadiah seperti yang diharapkan kecewa pulak selain memebazir duit.

Kalau anda memang ada beli atau ingin beli baru beli.

Tempoh Peraduan: 15 Februari 2016 – 27 Mac 2016







  • Hadiah Utama (1 pemenang): Gold Bar (50g)
  • Hadiah ke-2 (8 pemenang): Gold Bar (5g)
  • Hadiah Ke-3 (8 pemenang): Jam Tangan emas
  • Hadiah Ke -4 (8 pemenang): Perfume (75ml)
  • Hadiah Saguhati X200:
  • 1 Tahun yang Bekalan Pizzas Biasa * * Bekalan 1 tahun bersamaan dengan 12  Regular Pizza

Term & Conditions

1. ‘Go For Gold’ [“Contest”] begins 15/02/2016 and ends 27/03/2016 [“the Contest Period”].

2. This Contest is organised by Dommal Food Services Sdn Bhd. (Domino’s Pizza) [“the Organiser”], and the Organiser reserves the right to end or extend the Contest Period at any time without prior notice.
3. This Contest is open to all residents of Malaysia, except employees and immediate family members of the Organiser, and their developer, advertising, promotion, event and PR agencies.

4. Campaign Period: The campaign period is from 15/02/2016 to 27/03/2016.

5. Campaign Mechanic:

  • User will need to purchase the new Cheesy Mozzarella Stix through online order, delivery hotline and in store.
  • The user will then need to fill up the form on
  • Users must fill in the form with their name, contact number, email address, order ID, order date, store name and answer 2 questions to submit their entry.
  • Failing to complete all requirements in the form will result in incomplete or unsuccessful submission.
  • The User has the chance to get a free regular pizza eCoupon and will only receive the eCoupon if they key in a registered Domino’s Malaysia website account email address.
  • The free Regular Pizza eCoupon is valid for the users next purchase.
  • Users are allowed to submit as many submissions as they wish to.
  • Each purchase of Cheesy Mozzarella Stix is valid with one (1) submission only.
  • Users will be able to check on the status of their submissions from the profile page.
  • To access the profile page, the user will need to key in the same details as per their submission form.

6. Winner:

  • Winners will be chosen internally and will be notified at the end of the contest period.
  • Once winners are announced, all decisions are final and no appeal from the participants will be entertained.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any participants without prior notice or compensation if any irregularities of foul play is evident.

7. Prize:

  • Grand Prize (1 winner) : Gold Bar (50g)
  • 2nd Prize (8 winners) : Gold Bar (5g)
  • 3rd Prize (8 winners) : Gold Watch
  • 4th Prize (8 winners) : Perfume (75ml)
  • Consolation Prize X200: 1 Year’s Supply of Regular Pizzas*
  • *1 year’s supply equals to 12 Regular Pizzas

8. Others

  • This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.
  • This Contest adheres to Facebook rules and regulations when it goes live on Domino’s Pizza Malaysia Facebook page but if at any time after the Contest goes live and Facebook changes its rules and regulations, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia Facebook page will amend the Contest structure to suit the changes implemented.
  • Only Contestants who fulfill the Terms and Conditions and requirements shall be eligible to win. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify Contestants who have failed to fulfill the Terms and Conditions and/or Contestants who have submitted incomplete or inaccurate entries from the Contest without prior notice or compensation.
  • The Organiser (including its respective employees, staff and agents) shall not be liable for any loss (including loss of opportunity and consequential loss arising therewith) and/or any damage suffered by any Contestant or Winner in connection with the Contest.
  • The Winners are bound by the Terms and Conditions that come with the Prize. The acceptance of Prize indicates the acknowledgment and agreement of such Terms and Conditions.
  • The Organiser is absolved from all liability resulting from the Contestants’ infringement of third party copyrights from submission of photos and captions.
  • The Prize is not exchangeable and/or transferable. Failure to accept Prize by the Winners when required to do so shall constitute a rejection by such Winner(s) and the Organiser reserves it rights to award the Prize to another Winner(s).
  • The Organiser reserves its sole right and discretion to delete, remove, not consider or reject content that is deemed by it to be improper or offensive in whatever nature.
  • The Organiser reserves its rights to publish or display materials or information, including but not limited to the names of all Contestants for marketing, advertising and publicity purposes in any manner it deems appropriate. The rights of the entries are automatically assigned to the Organiser and that it reserves right to utilize the entries via any means without compensation or notice.
  • The Organiser further reserves its right to use any personal data of Contestants in any manner and/or for any purpose it deems fit and the Contestants are deemed to consent to such use with no monetary payment.
  • The Organiser reserves its right to cancel, terminate or suspend the Contest with or without any prior notice and reason. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation, termination or suspension by the Organiser shall not entitle the Contestants to any claim or compensation against the Organiser for any and all losses or damages suffered or incurred as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension.
  • The Terms and Conditions herein shall prevail over any inconsistent terms, conditions, provisions or representations contained in any other promotional or advertising materials for the Contest.
  • The Organiser reserves its right to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions and/or substitute or replace the Prizes from time to time without any prior notice.
  • By participating in the Contest, it is deemed that the Contestants agree to be bound by the terms and subject to the conditions herein set out upon submission of entry.
  • The decisions of the Organiser in relation to every aspect of the Contest including but not limited to the type of Prize and Winner(s) shall be deemed final and conclusive under any circumstance and no complaint from any Contestant will be entertained. The decision of the judges appointed by the Organiser are final and conclusive and no further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained

9. Promotion Terms & Conditions

  • Surcharge applies for the following crusts (Cheese Burst, Cheesy Pan & Extreme Edge), Classics and First Class pizza range.
  • Illustrations shown are for representation only
  • Prices shown are inclusive of 6% GST
  • If possible, kindly call us in advance for orders amounting RM100 and above for a timely and tasty delivery.
  • Limited delivery areas.
  • Operation hours are from 10.30am – 11pm.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Minimum order for delivery service is 2 Personal OR 1 Regular Pizza OR with any purchase above RM20.
  • Surcharge applies for extra condiments.

10. Personal Data Protection Policy.

  • Your data privacy is important to us. We are compliant to the PDPA 2010.
  • Visit to view our Personal Data Protection Policy

To submit your entry visit HERE


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