Adidas Originals Superstar Supercolor Facebook Contest #6

Powerful and dignified, night navy is the defender of people’s rights. Tell Adidas what have you defended and stand to win a NIGHT NAVY  Super Color T-Shirt.

How to participate: 

Step 1: Participants are required to have a valid Facebook account.

Step 2: Participants must perform and complete all of the following:

  1. Like this post. (visit link to like)
  2. Share this post. (visit link to Share)
  3. Comment with an answer.

One best answer will be selected. Entry closes on 12 April 2015.

To answer visit HERE  (Don’t forget to read Terms & Conditions)


1x – ADIDAS  NIGHT NAVY  Super Color T-shirt (source image)

Terms & Conditions

  1. The adidas Originals Superstar Supercolor Facebook Contest (the “Contest”) is organized by adidas Malaysia (the “Organizer”), and is opened to all Malaysian residents aged 18 years old and above during the commencement of this contest, except employees of the Organizer and their affiliated business and/or partners. 
  2. The Contest starts from 26 March 2015 (12:00am) and ends on 27 April 2015 (11.59pm). 
  3. How to participate: Step 1: Participants are required to have a valid Facebook account. Step 2: Participants must perform and complete all of the following: (i) Like the Post; (ii) Share the Post; and (iii) Comment with an answer or Share a photo, whichever is applicable. 
  4. There will be eleven (11) Facebook contest posts, hence a total of eleven (11) entries for all participants. 
  5. Each contest period for each post lasts for three (3) days only, after which, a new contest post will be published. At the end of each contest period, one (1) participant with the best answer or photo will be selected from each post, which will be announced by the Organizer. The winner is required to Private Message us with his or her particulars upon the conclusion of the Contest within five (5) working days. 
  6. The particulars required are: Full Name as per NRIC and Valid Mobile Number.
  7. There will be eleven (11) winners in total, and each participant is only entitled to be selected once. In the event that the same participant is selected for more than one time, the Organizer shall void the second (2nd) entry and take the first (1st) entry as the winning entry. 
  8. The Organizer reserves the rights to reject or disqualify or hide any entries that are deemed inappropriate/offensive/irrelevant at their sole discretion. 
  9. Each contest period for each post are as follows:
  10. Contest #1: 26 March – 28 March 2015
  11. Contest #2: 29 March – 31 March 2015
  12. Contest #3: 1 April – 3 April 2015
  13. Contest #4: 4 April – 6 April 2015
  14. Contest #5: 7 April – 9 April 2015
  15. Contest #6: 10 April – 12 April 2015
  16. Contest #7: 13 April – 15 April 2015
  17. Contest #8: 16 April – 18 April 2015
  18. Contest #9: 19 April – 21 April 2015
  19. Contest #10: 22 April – 24 April 2015
  20. Contest #11: 25 April – 27 April 2015
  21. The prize is an adidas Originals Supercolor t-shirt and the Organizer reserves the right to giveaway whichever color the Organizer deems suitable to all eleven (11) winners. 
  22. The winners may tell us their t-shirt sizes, however the Organizer reserves the right to giveaway the closest available t-shirt size should the size requested is not available. 
  23. The prize is not negotiable, transferable, exchangeable or refundable for cash, credit or kind, either in part or full. The Organizer also reserves the rights to replace the prize with item(s) of similar value at its sole discretion without prior notice. 
  24. The Organizer will proceed to contact the winners once the particulars of the winners are received. 
  25. In the event that any of the winner(s) cannot be contacted within five (5) working days from the date of announcement, another participant(s) will be chosen at the Organizer’s sole discretion as the winner(s) based on the same criteria. 
  26. This Contest (and the terms and condition of participation set out herein) shall be governed by the law of Malaysia and all participants agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the competent court of Malaysia. 
  27. By agreeing to participate in this Contest, you agree to submit and allow the Organizer and all their affiliates to collect and process your personal data as per the Personal Data Protection Act [2010]. 
  28. The Organizer’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained. The Organizer reserves the rights to modify the terms and conditions herein applicable to this Contest and/or terminate this Contest without prior notice or further reference to any party.

To answer visit HERE


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