[4th Survey (Final)] White Eastern Pepper Spray Giveaway Contest, Phase 3

White Eastern Pepper Spray Giveaway Contest, Phase 3 will end tomorrow. If you interested, you can join this survey to stand a chance to win Pepper Spray Security Packages shown on the above image. A lucky draw will be held to pick 1 lucky winner whom completes White Eastern survey during 3 Feb 2015 to 5nd Feb 2015.

Prize for this final survey is:

Prize Set 4

  • Portable 60ml Pepper Spray(x2)
  • Mini Pepper Spray(x2)
  • Angel Wing Personal Alarm(x2)
  • Aluminium Whistle(x2)

The winner would be announced on 6th Feb 2015.

How to Participate

To participate, simply complete all 3 following contest requirements at stand your chance to be one of our big WINNERS!

1. LIKE on White Eastern Sdn Bhd official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WhiteEastern .

2. LIKE this official contest post.

3. Post your answer to our contest question as a SINGLE COMMENT, under this official contest post.

Where did you hear about White Eastern current Pepper Spray Giveaway Contests? Via:
Note: Please only select 1 option as your answer.

  1. WhiteEastern.com official website
  2. Word of mouth / someone recommended
  3. Contests/promotions/events sharing platforms
  4. Facebook Advertisements
  5. Mobile Messengers APP
  6. Email
  7. YouTube
  8. Twitter
  9. Google+
  10. Instagram
  11. Others, please specify

Post your answer HERE


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Contest entry will be deemed valid for participation only when participants fulfilled all 3 contest requirements stated above, and does not violate any contest Terms & Conditions.

Stay tuned with us for more contest information, and you shall take this chance to share this superb contest with your family and friends!

Thank you for your visit and have a great day ahead! Should there be any inquiries, please feel free to contact any of our friendly customer service officers for assistance!

Post your answer HERE



Prize Set 4

  • Portable 60ml Pepper Spray(x2)
  • Mini Pepper Spray(x2)
  • Angel Wing Personal Alarm(x2)
  • Aluminium Whistle(x2)

Terms & Conditions

1. 3rd Phase contest period of Pepper Spray Giveaway Contest officially commence from 25th January 2015 at 0000hrs and ends on 5th February 2015 at 2359hrs.

2. All 3rd Phase contest prize winners of “Win Pepper Sprays This Chinese New Year!” will officially be announced via an independent post on White Eastern Sdn Bhd official Facebook page www.facebook.com/WhiteEastern on 6th February 2015 at 1400hrs, and contacted via Facebook Private Message on the same day.

3. A valid contest entry will be determined by fulfilling all Terms & Conditions, and the contest winners will be further determined through a lucky draw system conducted by White Eastern Sdn Bhd.

4. Contest entry will be deemed invalid & thus voided from participation, if:

a. A submitted ‘Comment’ is off-topic and not in accordance to surveying contest post theme.
b. Multiple ‘Comments’ are submitted under a user account.
c. Multiple ‘Comments’ are submitted using multiple user accounts by an individual with intention to maximise chances of winning.
d. A ‘Comment’ is submitted under any other unofficial locations rather than under the official contest post on:

e. Any parts of contest entry requirements are incomplete.
f. A ‘Comment’ is not submitted within the official contest period.

5. Should there be any detection of violation/invalid contest submission and/or intended foul play, White Eastern Sdn Bhd reserves all rights to investigate, and/or remove any contestant/contest entry without prior notice.

6. All replies to participating ‘Comment’ are welcomed, however strictly under the ‘Reply’ function. Any non-contesting contents posted as ‘Comment’ will be removed without prior notice.

7. All prizes or any part of the prizes are non-exchangeable for cash, credits, vouchers, other merchandises or any other items of value.

8. Colour selection for prize items will be based on a random basis.

9. Prize winners shall be granted free delivery to a single address within Malaysia. All additional costs incurred due to multiple deliveries will be borne by the prize winner.

10. This contest is open for anyone residing within Malaysia only.

11. All staffs under employment of White Eastern Sdn Bhd are strictly not allowed to directly or indirectly participate in any or all phases of this contest.

12. White Eastern Sdn Bhd shall at all times, reserve all rights to update, amend, edit, alter or make changes to any details, conditions and information to this contest, and all decisions made by White Eastern Sdn Bhd shall be deemed final and indisputable under all circumstances.

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