Allianz Amazing Hunt 2014 – 1 Thing that Matters to You

In case if you’re still havent heard yet, Allianz Malaysia ( will be organizing their first blogger hunt entitled Allianz Amazing Hunt 2014 on the 18th Oct 2014.18th Oct 2014.

Quite interestingly, the 1st task that was assigned to all hunters is to come up with a write-up with a very interesting subject as per below;

Decide as a Team on what is the 1 Thing that Matters to You

For eMenang hunter team, that is a very easy question. As a team, the 1 thing that matters to us is obviously our health. Without it, we obviously are unable to form a proper team and even disqualified in the first place.  So everyone has to be in not only good shape, but their level best. In fact, we should be in the pink of health!


There are other reasons why health matters to us. With a healthy body, we can enjoy life much better and live way much longer! We dont have to suffer and worry about not being able to perform at our best ability since we are in at our best condition through a healthy mind, body and soul.

We hope that by now you would have understood why is health important for every individual, regardless whether you are young or old. It make a lots of difference on our entire performance and efficiency. In short, we have a better control over your life when we have a good control of our health!

Besides, when you are healthy, you can join more content & treasure hunt in the future… right!

So good luck in taking good care of yourself to keep on your winning streak!

~Sha of


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