We’re giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S Advance or Fixie Bike! How to win? Download the F&N Bubble Blaster app from Appstore or Google Play and blast as many bubbles as you can!

Join the FUN now at: http://on.fb.me/FnNBubbleBlaster (you may view this link via your mobile web browser)


In conjunction with the launch of new packaging for its line of Fun Flavours drinks, F&N Malaysia has recently kicked off a new campaign that revolves around an interactive augmented reality app for Android and iOS devices. Called F&N Bubble Blaster, the app allows users to interact with the campaign’s TV advertisement as well as online banners and other marketing materials.

When the app is pointed to the TV advertisement or other related marketing materials (via phone’s camera), bubbles will then start to appear in the app and as the app’s name implied, a user then can burst them out in exchange for points. Each week, the user with the highest points on the leaderboard will receive Skullcandy headphones while three users with the highest total points at the end of the campaign will be rewarded with Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S Advance or a fixed-gear (a.k.a fixie) bicycle.

Available for free over at Google Play and iTunes, the F&N Bubble Blaster contest will end on 24th July 2012. For further information, check out F&N Fun official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/FnNFunMalaysia.

Source: LYN

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