Sony PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012

You love playing games on your PlayStation®Vita or mobile devices, and you have got a brain full of creative ideas that you can’t keep to yourselves anymore. It’s time to share with the world!

Divided into PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®Mobile category, the PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012 is a challenge open to any game fans and developers who wish to share their ideas of games and applications for future release on the PS Vita or mobile phone platform. The participant (or participating team) of the winning concepts from each category will be awarded with fabulous prizes up to US$5,000.

All you have to do is to register online during 18th July -31st August and submit your concept in details in English with relevant supporting materials like screen images, mock ups, videos, etc. during the designated submission period. You are welcomed to submit more than one entry to this challenge, so don’t limit yourself, let your creativity and gaming sense shine!

For more details of the PlayStation® Games & Apps Challenge 2012, visit and please contact for any inquiries.

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