Suria FM Cetakan Berduit HP Contest

Want to win some cash? Up to RM4, 000 cash and 10 HP Ink Advantage printers to be given away. Stay tuned for “Cetakan Berduit HP” from 9-20 July on Suria FM! Click here for more info:

How to Win

The Suria FM DJ will announce the contest on air at 10am-1pm & 4pm-5pm. Listeners will be asked to send an SMS by keying in SURIA<space>HP and send to 33988.
Once shortlisted, the DJ will randomly call a lucky contestant. The contestant has to reply ‘HP Ink Advantage, setiap katrij hanya RM27 dan mampu mencetak sehingga 600 muka surat’. Any other reply will be disqualified.
The contestant will then choose a question from page 1 to 600. Different cash values will be placed on the questions. The tougher the question, the higher the cash value.
If the contestant answers the question correctly, they will win the cash prize. If the contestant fails to answer correctly, the cash prize will snowball to the next round.
BONUS HOUR. One (1) HP Ink Advantage 2060 All-in-One Printer will be given away every day during the contest period. If the contestant answers correctly during the Bonus Hour, they will win the cash prize and the HP Printer. If not, the cash prize will snowball to the next round. The printer will not snowball to the next round.

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