Lowyat PlayStation Vita Special Gift

As you might have heard, the new PlayStation Vita will be officially launched in Malaysia on 9th May which will be followed by a roadshow from 10th to 13th May over at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. At the upcoming roadshow, the new portable gaming machine by Sony will be there together with plenty of launch titles for all to see, play and of course, purchase.

In addition to that, our friends at Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong would like you to know that they are giving away special gifts to Lowyat.NET citizens that visit the PlayStation Vita roadshow next week. To cut the story short, these are the steps on how you can redeem the goodies:

One: Submit your Lowyat.NET Forums username, the e-mail address that is associated with your Lowyat.NET Forums username, full name and I/C Number to [ submit@lowyat.net ] by 12PM onMonday, 7th May with “We Are Coming To PlayStation Vita Malaysian Launch!“ as the e-mail’s title.

Two: Once we confirmed your details, we will send out a confirmation e-mail by 12AM onTuesday, 8th May.*

Three: Print the confirmation e-mail and bring it to the roadshow at Pavilion KL from 10th to 13th May**. Alternatively, you can also show the confirmation to the personnel in-charge at the booth through your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and mobile phones.

What are those goodies you asked? Well…hit on the Read More link below to find out. For the meantime, we’ll be waiting for your mails!

*If you didn’t receive a reply by that time, don’t panic. Check your spam folder first. If you still couldn’t find the confirmation e-mail after, send an e-mail titled “Where’s My Vita Launch Goodies Confirmation E-Mail?” over to [ chapree@lowyat.net ] with your Lowyat.NET Forums username and full name. We will do our best to reply your e-mail swiftly.

**Do note that even by being on the list, it still does not guarantee your goodies. First comes, first serve and while stocks last.

Toro Inoue (a.k.a Sony Cat) Mirror.
Toro Portable Cleaner.

Apart from the above goodies for Lowyat.NET members, there will be tons of other freebies up for grabs at the roadshow including the PlayStation Vita itself! To learn more, head on to asia.playstation.com orblog.asia.playstation.com.

Source: Lowyat


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