Jacker Cash Extravaganza Contest

Jacker Cash Extra Vaganza Contest 2011

Jacker Cash Extravaganza Contest 2011

How you can JOIN Jacker Cash Extravaganza Contest:
Step 1: Purchase any variant of Jacker Potato Crisps (160 / 75g) or Jacker Potato Chips (60g).
Step 2: Answer one simple question & sign ‘Jacker’ as creatively as possible in the contest form.
Step 3: Complete your details together with the product proof of purchase and send in your entry to:
“Cash Extra Vaganza Contest With Jacker”
Oriental Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.
P.O Box 344, Melaka.

Jacker Cash Extravaganza Contest Prizes:
1st Prize: RM 30,000 Cash X 2
2nd Prize: RM 20,000 Cash X 2
3rd Prize: RM 10,000 Cash X 3
4th Prize: RM 5,000 Cash X 4
Consolation Prize: RM 1,000 X 50

For more info, please refer to the Jacker Cash Extra Vaganza Contest form.

Jacker Cash Extravaganza Contest end: 30th November 2011.


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