Hitachi ‘EcoRAYA Count & Win’ Contest

Hitachi 'EcoRAYA Count & Win' Contest

Hitachi ‘EcoRAYA Count & Win’ Contest

How you can JOIN Hitachi ‘EcoRAYA Count & Win’ Contest:
Step 1: Purchase any Hitachi product, attach sales receipt/invoice and mail it to Hitachi.
Step 2: count the number of respective Hitachi products in the picture (contest form).
Step 3: Fill in your particular and mail the contest form to address stated in the contest form.


Hitachi ‘EcoRAYA Count & Win’ Contest Prizes:
Grand Prize: 2 x Hitachi Products worth RM20,000
1st Prize: 3 x Hitachi Side-by-Side Refrigerator
2nd Prize: 4 x Hitachi Big French Refrigerator
3rd Prize: 4 x Hitachi 16kg Washer
Consolation Prize: 30 x Hitachi Espresso Maker

For more info, please refer to the Hitachi ‘EcoRAYA Count & Win’ Contest official website.

Hitachi ‘EcoRAYA Count & Win’ Contest end: 30 September 2011

Hitachi Contest

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  1. Isma 10 years ago

    i want it…hopefully not so many people join this contest..ha ha…

  2. Daniel 10 years ago

    Hye Isma, do u know the answer for Hitachi Contest? Can share with me pls…..

  3. Author
    Sha 10 years ago

    All the best guys.

    So far we still havent got any info about the answer. However, we will let you guys know if there are any good samaritan who doesnt mind to help.

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