YEO’S ‘Peraduan Merdeka Raya’

YEOS 'Peraduan Merdeka Raya'

YEO’S ‘Peraduan Merdeka Raya’

How you can JOIN YEO’S ‘Peraduan Merdeka Raya’:
Step 1: Buy any combination of Yeo’s, Soyrich or Justea range of beverages. (250ml = 1 points, 1 litre = 2 points)
Step 2: Answer 2 (two) simple question in YEO’S ‘Peraduan Merdeka Raya’ contest form correctly.
Step 3: Fill in your details in YEO’S ‘Peraduan Merdeka Raya’ Contest form and accompanied together with cut-out flaps (with Yeo’s logo) totalling 6 (six) points and send it to designated address stated in the contest form.
***You can send as many entry as you want but each entry must be accompanied with a total of  6 points of Yeo’s cut-out flaps .


YEO’S ‘Peraduan Merdeka Raya’ Prizes:
Grand Prize: 1 x RM68,888 Cash
1st Prize: 1 x RM28,888 Cash
2nd Prize: 1 x RM10,888 Cash
3rd Prize: 1 x RM6,888 Cash
Weekly Prize: 13 x RM888 Cash


For more info, please visit YEO’S ‘Peraduan Merdeka Raya’ official website.

YEO’S ‘Peraduan Merdeka Raya’ end: 30 September 2011


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