F&N ‘Double Ooomph!’ Contest

F&N 'Double Ooomph!' Contest

F&N ‘Double Ooomph!’ Contest

How you can JOIN F&N ‘Double Ooomph!’ Contest:
Step 1: Drink any F&N contest edition
Step 2: Check under cap/tab for special codes.
Step 3: Submit caps or tabs with your full details and post it to designated address in the contest form.
***1 x “FUN” + 1 x “TWO” cap/tab = 1 Grand Prize entry
2 x “FUN” caps/tabs = 1 Weekly Prize entry

F&N ‘Double Ooomph!’ Contest Prizes:
Grand Prize: 2 x 2 Peugeot 207s
Weekly Prize: 9 x 2 Modenas Passion 125 Scooter Motorcycle
Consolation Prize: 2 x  Movie Tickets (Every 30th entry)

For more info, please refer to F&N ‘Double Ooomph!’ Contest form.

F&N ‘Double Ooomph!’ Contest ends: 31 July 2011


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