Mamee ‘Fortune 8’ SMS Contest

Mamee 'Fortune 8' SMS Contest

Mamee ‘Fortune 8’ SMS contest

How you can JOIN Mamee ‘Fortune 8’ SMS contest:
Step 1: Purchase contest edition Mamee Instant Noodles and get the SMS code card.
Step 2: Answer a simple question. Type Mamee<space>SMS Code<space>NRIC<space>FULL NAME<space>Answer and send it to 36660.

****Winner will be selected based on the MOST SMS sent throughout the contest period from 4th April 2011 – 30th June 2011.

Mamee ‘Fortune 8’ SMS contest Prizes:
Grand Prize: 1 x RM88,888 cash
1st Prize: 1 x RM48,888 cash
2nd Prize: 1 x RM28,888 cash
3rd Prize: 1 x RM18,888 cash
Weekly Prize: 1 x RM888 cash (13 Weeks)

For more info, please log on to the Mamee ‘Fortune 8’ SMS contest official website.

Mamee ‘Fortune 8’ SMS contest end: 30 JUNE 2011

  1. azis 11 years ago

    Mamee Fortune 8 sms Contest- what is the correct format for this sms contest….i got reply from 36660 saying that “Format Salah”.any one knows???

  2. Author
    Sha 11 years ago

    Dear Azis,

    Perhaps you want to share the sample of SMS that was sent out for this contest? Alternatively, you could try contact MAMEE careline at 1-300-22-6263 for a prompt asisstance regarding this matter.

  3. azis 11 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    I do have the Fortune 8 cards and follow the instruction as given “Mamee BA6166M9 76061610xxxx John Azis True” and sent to 36660.

    The reply that i got from 36660 “RM0.30:Format Salah. Cuba sekali lagi, dan baca arahan pada kad dengan teliti. Layari untuk maklumat lanjut.

    I do called Mamee and still waiting for the answer.

    thank you

    • Author
      Sha 11 years ago

      I see. Well wish you’ll receive some good news from their careline soon.

      Meanwhile, we will be editing your IC number in your comment just to protect your privacy.

      All in all, good luck with the contest!

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