A&W “What’s Your Story? 2” Contest

A&W "What's Your Story? 2" Contest

A&W “What’s Your Story? 2” contest

How you can JOIN A&W “What’s Your Story? 2” contest:
Step 1: A minimum of RM20.00 (excluding tax) spent in a single receipt entitles you to one entry. Your original receipt will be your proof of purchase. E.g. RM20.00 in a single receipt = 1 entry, RM42.00 in a single receipt = 1 entry.
Step 2: Two (2) categories in this contest – 1) Written Category – Each written entry must be between 150 and 250 words. and 2) Video Category – The length of the video must be between 45 and 60 seconds.
Step 3: All entries must showcase your craving for A&W products. At least one A&W product must feature as a major component of your story; e.g. sneaking out at night to obey your cravings for a Coney Dog or running out of a college lecture mid-way to obey your cravings for a A&W Root Beer. It can relate to something that has happened or you have envisioned. It can be anecdotal, it can be sad or amusing but most of all, it must highlight your passion for A&W and its products.
Step 4: Participants may submit entries via the following three methods ONLY. You can post your entries online and fill in the details of your receipt as required; via email to promos@rootbeer.com.my with a scanned copy of your receipt and or send your entries to the designated address.

***Participants may send in as many entries as they wish but each entry must be accompanied by the corresponding receipt as proof of purchase. Mailed entries must be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt. For online or email entries, participants will need to provide details based on the original receipt. All participants will need to retain your original receipt to qualify for the final round.

A&W “What’s Your Story? 2” Contest Prizes:
1st Prize: 2 x  RM7,000 cash + Apple iPad + 3D2N Getaway
2nd Prize: 2 x RM5,000 cash + Apple iPod Touch + 3D2N Getaway
3rd Prize: 2 x RM3,000 cash + Apple iPod Nano + 3D2N Getaway

For more info, please log on to the A&W “What’s Your Story? 2” contest official website.

A&W “What’s Your Story? 2” contest ends: 18 June 2011


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