Peraduan Pasta Ria San Remo

Peraduan Pasta-Ria SAN REMO
How you can join this contest:
1) Purchase any San Remo dry pasta.
2) Choose and rank 10 from 12 pictures of your favourite pasta moments for a chance to win the Grand Prize.
3) Complete the slogan: My family loves San Remo because… (not more than 10 words)
4) Mail entry forms together with one empty pack of any San Remo dry pasta to the designated addressWinners will be selected based based on answers that match the Judges’ ranking.

Grand Prize: 1 x RM100,000 cash
1st Prize: 1 x Noritake Dining Set worth RM3,000
2nd Prize: 1 x Tefal Cooking Set worth RM2,000
3rd Prize: 3 x Tupperware Set worth RM1,000
Consolation Prize: 10 x San Remo product hamper + Pasta cooker

For further information, refer to the Contest form.
Contest period: 15 May – 15 July 201

  1. MMD 9 years ago

    can’t upload contest form San Remo Peraduan Pasta Ria

    • Author
      Sha 9 years ago

      Hi MMD,

      You’re trying to upload the contest form or looking for the contest form?

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