You toil and labor each day just to make ends meet and save up for something you have always dreamt of having. Well Fly FM is giving you the Key to fulfill one of those dreams absolutely FREE with the “I WANNA” prize giveaway this March!

The term free of charge never sounded sweeter than before as you are given the choice

of ‘living FREE for 1 year’, ‘a down payment for your dream house’, ‘splurge on a RM60,000 budget shopping spree’, ‘go for a Worldwide concert of your choice’ OR ‘a 6 star holiday splendor’ all on Fly FM’s expense and all you have to do is get your hands on the Key.

Fly FM is giving one of the above to 1 very lucky listener who can tell us why they should be given the Key to their dream. So open your senses and start tuning in everyday as the cue to call/SMS/post on Facebook or Twitter goes on at anytime of the day giving away 8 keys during weekdays for the next 3 weeks. 120 listeners who get through will automatically win RM100 each and be at the final on ground event.

As there can be only ONE door, every listener who has won the right to a Key will have the chance to try their luck by seeing if their key unlocks the door. The holder of the matching key will win the prize of their choice. All listeners are invited to witness the event, as there will also be games and lucky draws with attractive prizes for listeners who are there. So start cracking your heads and give us your best answer that will potentially open the door to your dreams!


Klang Valley 95.8 FM, Penang 89.9 FM, Ipoh 87.9 FM, Seremban, 98.6 FM, Malacca 94.0 FM, Johor Bahru 102.5 FM, K.Terengganu 107.5 FM, Kuantan 87.6 FM, Alor Setar 99.1 FM Kota Bahru 107.4FM


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