The Craziness Continues With Nissan “Car-Toon Cra2y” Contest On Facebook

The “Car-toon Cra2y” contest is a drawing competition with a fun twist as it allows contestants to take a standard Nissan car and turn it into a cartoon work of art. Latest Apple gadgets such as the MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone 4 among others plus cash prizes up to RM1,500 are up for grabs.

There are 2 Nissan models contestants can choose from to unleash their deft drawing skills using a computer or in freehand. These are the iconic Nissan 370Z and the luxury SUV Nissan Murano.

All contestants must ‘Like’ the Nissan Malaysia page on Facebook to be eligible for entry. Then all it takes is to register for the contest, download a PDF guide of the chosen Nissan model and begin creating car-toon mayhem. Once the artwork is completed, contestants are required to submit via e-mail or snail mail before the 15 January 2010 deadline.

Anyone can take part in this contest, even those who can’t draw. That’s because one can refer more artistically gifted friends to take part. Winning without even lifting a pencil, now that’s something!

Entries received will be judged on creativity, uniqueness & originality and detailing, all of which constitutes 80% of points. The remaining 20% of will be from the “Likes” entries receive from Nissan Malaysia’s Facebook community. So the sooner a contestant submits the artwork, the better the chance to get more “Likes” and ultimately, more points.

There’s never been a better time than now for talented computer design wizards and freehand maestros to have some outrageous fun. Go Car-toon Cra2y!

To join, click on “Car-toon Cra2y” tab above the Nissan Malaysia facebook page and work your way to our Apple gadgets now!


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