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Education as the explained in its broadest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In another words, it is all about the transmission of knowledge, skills and values from one person to another. No one knows exactly about our first encounter with education but here are my thoughts on how the ‘Future of Education’ is going to be.

Thanks to the information and communication technology (ICT), we have been blessed with unlimited tools and resources to create and share our knowledge. We are now able to learn new things in life without even going to school or flipping a textbook. Soon, education will no longer begin from a classroom or lecture hall but from our very own living room.

The idea of virtual classroom begins since we first discovered E-learning systems back in 1993. Having a virtual classroom is simply unavoidable since we already knew that one day it would be too hazardous for us to roam on this earth due to the pollution and global warming effect. One day, students from all over the world will be united virtually through the Internet from various locations using a unique invention that will enable them to learn and interact seamlessly between teacher and other classmate.

Apart from having a virtual classroom, the birth of a new learning system that overcomes the language barrier will then took place. There will be many ground-breaking discovery of a special devices that are capable to translate not only our voice but other people voices as well into any desired language. Communication will not be a problem anymore thus expanding the boundaries of learning into a new level of simplicity.

Besides having a fancy medium and device to gain new knowledge, the future education will start in the early stages. Since we are getting smarter and brighter with every lineage, I believed that the next human generation will become more naturally talented in absorbing knowledge and information. It won’t be a surprise to see our kids start taking an advanced or personalized subject/curriculum during their primary or secondary school. We can expect to see most of them becoming more knowledgeable and earned their PhDs by as early as 20 years old.

Furthermore, one will be able to implant a chip that connects to the brain which educates them on things that they wanted to learn. Inputting via USB by using a thumb drive or more sophisticated devices, one can add unlimited knowledge to enhance their learning ability. Transferring data from a PC or similar devices thru a USB storage media then into the chip implanted on the brain, this can make education much more easier as well as removing the boundary of limitation of one brain.

All in all, the use of Internet and computers may still in its infancy phase in some countries. We might or might not see any rapid improvement in the education point of view within these few years. Nevertheless, this would not hinder the trend of our future education. As the price of technology is getting cheaper and more affordable every year, we can safely assume that it is all just a matter of time before we can experience this wonderful “Future of Education” with our very own eyes. The most important question now is ‘Are we ready to embrace such trend in the future?’


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