Win-teresting Pastime – Part 2


Winning competition prize draws is based on the “luck of the draw”.  Simply answer a few questions, add your name and address and post it one its way.  Should you be the lucky winner, that gleaming new car or exotic holiday is yours.

You can up your odds by entering  those competitions where you are asked to complete a tiebreaker sentence for example:

“I’d like to win a gleaming new car because…”

Pen poised,  like thousands of other people, you may wonder where to begin. Like any other hobby, there’s a knack to it. It’s easy to learn and great fun too.

The secret is in the word play. Here’s how.

Gain inspiration start by writing down as many words as you can think apt to the prize-winning car, for example:

stylish, sleek, powerful, driving, motor, clutch, distributor, gear, bumper

When you’ve written about twenty words, look through these and underline those with double meanings which will lend themselves to word play, for instance:

clutch,  distributor, gear,  bumper

Toy with short phrases such as:

A “clutch” of advantages.
A leading motor “distributor”
In the right “gear”
A “bumper” selection

You will need, in most cases, to purchase a product and enclose your till receipt to qualify to enter the competition.  These POPs or proof of purchases are often usually referred to as qualifiers.

Build some of your  ideas into a tiebreaker sentence as in:

I’d like to win a gleaming new car because… then I’d have a “clutch” of advantages from a leading motor “distributor”.

Or how about  “…then I’d always be in the right “gear” with a stylish “clutch” of advantages.”

It’s surprising once you get started, how other ideas spring into mind.  You suddenly   think  of the car boot.

Your tiebreaker could then become:

“I’d like to win a gleaming new car because… then I’d always be in the right “gear” with a “clutch”‘ of advantages and stylish good looks to “boot”!

Look back through your list for other words for example: motor.  You could adapt this to motor – vated, for example:

“I’d like to win a gleaming new car because… I’m motor-vated by its sleek performance and stylish good looks.”

Stay tune next week for part 3 of this article. In the meantime, Happy Win-ning! :)

-Lynne Suzanne-

About the author
Lynne Suzanne is a consultant, freelance writer and author of Win With Lynne Intaslogans, Pun-ch Lines! and Win Your Fortune in Prizes. FREE Win With Lynne – How to Win Competitions guide.


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