Shell FuelSave Cash Contest

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Swipe your BonusLink card to win additional reward points On top of the winning cash, winners can WIN BonusLink Points too, regardless if the winner is a BonusLink member or not . Therefore, rewards to the winners are:
1. RM100,000 cash won –win 100,000 BonusLinkPoints
2.RM10,000 cash won –win 10,000 BonusLink Points
3.RM100 cash won –win 100 BonusLink Points
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Contest Mechanics
Here’s 3 simple steps how you can WIN!

Posted Image Purchase RM30 and above

  • Any Shell Fuels
  • Any Shell Lubricants
  • Or selected products at Shell Select*
  • *excluding tobacco, epay & Touch & Go

Posted Image Fill in your details and answer the question

. Posted Image Attach your original receipt (Pre-paid receipts are not
eligible for participation in the contest) with this contest
form. Get a station stamp onto the back of the contest form
and drop it off at any Shell Station or send by post to:

Pejabat Pos
Peti Surat No. 11709
50754 Kuala Lumpur

Term & Conditions 1 The Contest period lasts from 30th November 2009 – 7th March 2010, both dates inclusive (‘Contest Period’). 2 This Contest is open to Malaysians and permanent residents of Malaysia, 18 years old
and above, except for the following category of persons who are NOT eligible (`Eligible

a. Permanent and/or contract employees of BonusKad Loyalty Sdn Bhd and Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd. (6087-M) (‘SMTSB’), Shell Timur Sdn. Bhd. (STSB), Shell Sarawak Berhad (SSB), Affiliates of SMTSB, STSB, SSB, and their immediate family members (spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters).

b. Representatives, petrol station dealers, related service providers (including advertising agencies, promotion agencies, suppliers and event management agencies) of SMTSB, STSB, SSB, and/or Affiliates of SMTSB, STSB, SSB, their permanent and/or contract employees and their immediate family members (as defined above).

b(i). For the purpose of this Contest, “Affiliate” means a company which directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with SMTSB. Relevant to this, “control” means the direct or indirect ownership of an aggregate fifty percent or more of voting capital. 3 Eligible Participants are entitled to participate in the contest with purchase of at least RM30 with the following Shell products within the contest period:
i. Any Shell Petrol or Diesel
ii. Any Shell lubricants
iii. Any Shell Select store’s purchase (except tobacco, alcohol, ePay and Touch ‘N’ Go Card). 4 Further to Clause 3, for Shell V-Power Racing purchase, Eligible Participants are entitled to three (3) entries with RM30 purchase & for other Shell purchases (as per clause above (i), (ii) and (iii)), Eligible Participants will get only one (1) entry of contest form for each RM30 of purchase. 5 Further to Clause 3, Eligible Participants are allowed to participate with accumulated receipts of multiple purchases that sum up to the amount of RM30 or more. 6 Further to Clause 3, Eligible Participants of this Contest must submit original receipt(s) attached with contest form(s) during the Contest Period. Pre-paid sales receipts are not accepted for this Contest. 7 Further to Clause 3, ONLY store purchases at Shell Select stores are valid for the purpose of this contest. Other store purchases at ‘Kedai’ are NOT valid for this Contest. 8 Printed contest forms downloaded from the Shell website and photocopied contest forms are acceptable. Contest forms without a Shell station stamp are not valid. 9 Further to Clause 8, all completed contest forms must be submitted to the prepared contest drop boxes at any Shell station nationwide by 7th March 2010, 12 a.m. OR by mail to Pejabat Pos, Peti Surat No. 11709, 50754 Kuala Lumpur by 11th March 2010, 12 a.m. 10 Eligible Participants can submit as many entries as they wish within the Contest Period but are entitled to win only one (1) prize each week. 11 Upon satisfying the criteria as stated in Clause 9 within the contest period, the Eligible Participant stand to win either the following every week, subject to the terms and conditions here in:
– One (1) Eligible Participant stands to win RM100,000 cash + 100,000 BonusLink Points,
– Three (3) Eligible Participants stand to win RM10,000 cash + 10,000 BonusLink Points, and
– One Thousand (1,000) Eligible Participants stand to win RM100 cash + 100 BonusLink Points. 12 Further to Clause 11, BonusLink will identify the BonusLink Account for the BonusLink Points to be credited using the NRIC provided in the Contest Form. Winners with no BonusLink Account will be asked whether they wish to have a new account and upon obtaining approval, BonusLink will create a BonusLink Account based on the information provided in the Contest Form. A new BonusLink Card will be posted 2 – 4 weeks thereafter.…p?week=1#tabs-6

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  1. ckh2011 10 years ago

    i doubt shell contest is just for their staff, from what i heard someone asked the shell staff for cheat and he got shared $$$. hope shell take note on this and try to avoid this thing happen again, it’s unfair to other people.

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