Carry On Comping

carry on comping

“Aren’t compers greedy, wanting to win cars and holidays?” quizzed a well-meaning journalist, when she telephoned to ask about my latest wins.

“Not at all”, I told her, “we’re helping the economy, employment, charities and introducing people to an education and win-teresting hobby”.

“Oh”, she said, “tell me how”.

Think for a moment. When you collect your entry form in-store, it has already provided employment. Staff designed the competition, artists and photographers played their part, printers produced thousands of leaflets, which were transported to retail outlets.  People deliver entries, sort and judge the competitions, prepare winners lists, notify winners, perhaps organise prize presentations. Journalists may run stories on major prize winners.

“So why do promoters organise competitions?” she quizzed.

Now you and I are not as naive as to think that competition promoters give away cars, holidays and the like,  just for the fun of it.  Organising a competition is simply a promotion, another form of advertising, designed to promote brand awareness, increase sales or for marketing purposes.

The promoter may organize a free prize draw, perhaps asking you a simple question relating to the product, for instance, what colour packaging does their new fresh fragrance come in.  By entering you have been made aware off the new product and have a chance to win.  You may, although you’re not obliged to, decide to buy the product.

To encourage you to buy and try their product, the promoter may organize a skill contest, for instance, completing a tiebreaker slogan, where you may have to purchase the product to qualify for entry. Once you’ve tried it, they hope you will buy again. Plus of course, you have a chance of winning an exciting prize.

Now what if only five people entered the task and tiebreaker competition to win a holiday. And this is no figment of my imagination, I assure you. National competitions have been judged where there have been more prizes than entrants.  I believe the promoter would be disappointed and never likely to run a competition again.

When thousands of entries are received, the promoter is encouraged by the response, benefits from advertising,  increased sales and new customers, who perhaps only bought the product to enter the competition, liked it and made repeat purchases.   These promoters will organize future competitions, which is of benefit to us all.

The promoter, subject to Data Protection Act, may ask, when you enter the competition, if you wish to receive further information about their products.  Most keen compers, myself included, always opt-in. When you receive mailings from the promoter, you can decide if their offer is of interest to you.  They may include a special offer or a money-off coupon or another competition for you to enter.

“Comping” as this hobby is affectionately, offers you an educational, stimulating, enjoyable and fun pastime. A chance to shower your family and friends with prize-winning gifts, enjoy family holidays, drive new cars. Perhaps make new friends. It’s a hobby you can enjoy at home, on holiday, on your own or with family and friends. One you can “pick up and put down” as the mood takes you.

I am grateful to competitions and the people who helped me.  Discovering this pastime after redundancy,  I fulfilled an ambition to become a freelance writer with a regular column in a national newspaper which I penned on a daily basis for almost three years, to write features, books, give talks and present Win With Lynne Roadshows. Now my business is helping people like you, to win prizes too, through a selection of prize winning books.

With comping, you never know “where on earth” you’ll be!

Yes, it’s a wonderful hobby.  Have fun. Share it.  Enjoy it and “Carry on Comping”.

*Be sure to visit, next week on Saturday to learn more winning tips by Lynne Suzanne. In the meantime, Happy Win-ning! :)

-Lynne Suzanne-

About the author
Lynne Suzanne is a consultant, freelance writer and author of Win With Lynne Intaslogans, Pun-ch Lines! and Win Your Fortune in Prizes. FREE Win With Lynne – How to Win Competitions guide.


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