FB HP "The Computer is Personal Again": Blog A Trend

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TITLE: FB HP “The Computer is Personal Again”: Blog A Trend
PRIZE : Prizes up for grab:
• Grand prize – HP TouchSmart600 All-in-One Desktop PC worth RM4,988
• Second prize – HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje worth RM1,599
• Third prize – HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje worth RM1,599
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WEBSITE: http://www.facebook….id=198817302939


A competition held in four countries across Asia to identify trends already impacting, or set to impact our future. Bloggers in China, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore will compete to be the winner of Blog A Trend in their country. In addition, they win an attractive HP prize. What’s more, the members of their community who spark the most conversations online about the trends blogged stand a chance to be rewarded with prizes from HP.

Blog A Trend is the catalyst to a vibrant online conversation about what the Future Is, through a vision of trends across every aspect of our lives.

How Blog A Trend works:
• Write a blog post (of at least 300 words), a photo story or create a video clip about the most compelling vision of the future. When you are done and you have posted to your blog, email your post to us with a link to it to Email me latest by 17 January 2010.
What you should blog about:
• Anything! Anything that’s a trend that is. Think about people – what they like, what they don’t and what you think they’re going to want in the future. A trend can also be an opinion about something. Basically it’s anything you spot that is not yet part of our everyday lives or thinking – but that you think soon will be.
• Tell us why you think this is a trend and where you see it going.
• And don’t forget that we’re looking to get a conversation going so include some information and opinions in there that will make people talk!

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Blog A Trend topics:
• Future of “Thin & Light”
• Future of “Touch”
• Future of Personalization
• Future of Design
• Future of Environment
• Future of Entertainment
• Future of Music
• Future of Fashion
• Future of Social Media
• Future of Content
• Future of Education


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