PRIZE: 10 x Safaris at Kruger National Park, South Africa.
DEADLINE: 31/01/2010

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Simply purchase any of the four participating DRUMSTICK® ice creams which are Strawberry Classic, Vanilla Classic Chocolate Classic or KIT KAT®. If the DRUMSTICK® ice cream you purchased has a Contest mini-sleeve, you either have won yourself a free NESTLÉ TROPHY® Instant Prize or be in the running to win the Grand Prize which is a 9 days 6 nights African Safari holiday package for two!

Don’t miss out on your chance to discover wild Africa!

Go on…BRAVE this Contest!
10 x Safaris at Kruger National Park, South Africa.

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Submission of Entries & Qualifying Criteria
1. To participate in this Contest, you will need to purchase any of the four [4] participating NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK® ice creams [Strawberry Classic, Vanilla Classic, Chocolate Classic or KIT KAT®] [“Participating Ice-Creams”].
2. Only selected Participating Ice-Creams will have the Contest mini-sleeve, which is either printed with an eight [8] alpha numeric Proof of Purchase code [“POP”] or a free NESTLÉ TROPHY® Instant Prize [“Instant Prize”].
3. Participants with the valid POP codes are entitled to stand a chance to win the Holiday for the BRR…AVE™ Contest Grand Prizes or Consolation Prizes by sending a short messaging service [“SMS”] from any locally registered mobile number. Each entry sent via SMS to 36006 must be completed with the keyword, new IC number, and the eight [8] digit code number from the Proof of Purchase, in the following manner:
4. Type “DRUMSTICK(space)ICNumber(space)8-digit code from POP” and send to 36006.
For example : DRUMSTICK 790201108276 5457X274
5. Each unique eight [8] digit code from the POP is valid for only one [1] Contest entry.
6. Each qualified SMS received during the Contest Period will be serialized according to the time of receipt.
7. Each SMS costs RM 0.30 and the standard telecommunications charges apply.
8. Each participant may submit more than one [1] entry which must include the required POP code and fulfill the entry requirements as stated.
9. Each participant is identified by their IC number submitted in the SMS.
10. Participants MUST keep the POP code with the eight [8] digit unique code number used for the verification of the winners’ and to redeem the prize. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
11. If the participant finds a printed redemption for one [1] free NESTLÉ TROPHY® ice cream [“Instant Prize”], the participant is not entitled to a POP code.

Details here:…edrumstick.html


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