Beginner to Winner (Part 2)

beginner to winner

Walking on the seafront on cold December morning, my husband and I took a shortcut through the amusement arcades in the pier, where I spotted a television set and a pile of entry forms.

Collecting one, we popped into the coffee bar, whilst I filled in our name and address details. As I popped my entry into the box, I noticed that, unusually, people had to be present for the prize draw, which was taking place at 4pm that day.

Back home, just before 4pm, I told my husband I’d walk back to the pier for the prize draw. Looking out the window, it was drizzling with rain, dark and cold. I nearly didn’t bother. Then I thought, if others think the same, just how many people would attend the draw. That was enough to motivate me. Donning my coat, I set off.

At 4pm, nine wet and bedraggled individuals stood around the prize box. At 4.15pm, three gave up and went home. Ten minutes later the manager arrived, placed his hand in the prize box and drew out an entry.

“Mrs X?”, he called out. No answer. “She’s not here?” he queried, “’ll draw another. Mr Y”’ He looked round expectantly. No reply.

“Lynne Suzanne”, he called.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Congratulations,” he enthused, “you’ve won a TV”.

Now had I not bothered to turn out, I wouldn’t have won. Sometimes Lady Luck needs a helping hand or perhaps a push in the right direction.

My second car, a Proton Persona, was scooped by writing words on a postcard.

I discovered the competition quite by accident. Driving in a neighbouring town, I took a wrong turning and drove past a Proton showroom. The `WIN A PROTON’ poster caught my eye. The task was to find how many words you could make from the car name.

This was a challenging task and great fun to do. Adopting a systematic approach, I put the initial letters into alphabetical order, before waded my way through 20 volumes of a dictionary to come up with 1,284 words.

It was more of a challenge trying to write these on a postcard – but was achieved by improvisation – a cut down cereal packet.

When I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and my car keys, many people said: ‘You’re lucky Lynne’. But Lady Luck doesn’t play a hand in these types of competitions. You just have to know about the competition and take the time to enter. You can do it too.

Before you can begin to win you need some competitions to enter. You’ll find these on A5 size entry forms in supermarkets and high street stores. On bottle neck collars. On packets and cans. Searching for entry forms, you adopt Sherlock Holmes skills to detect those elusive competitions, often found tucked between freezer cabinets, on top of dusty shelves or squashed between tills, because the check out girl has forgotten to put them on display.

Competitions have seasons too, so its knowing when to visit certain outlets.

Magazines are packed with competitions, to suit all interests and tastes. Your specialist skill or hobby can win you prizes. Photography competitions, fashion design, even cooking up a recipe for success. You just have to remember the `compers’ maxim: `the harder to enter, the easier to win’.

I’ll be posting the 3rd part of this article on next Saturday. Stay tuned..

-Lynne Suzanne-

About the author
Lynne Suzanne is a consultant, freelance writer and author of Win With Lynne Intaslogans, Pun-ch Lines! and Win Your Fortune in Prizes. FREE Win With Lynne – How to Win Competitions guide.


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