Ruumz – 15Malaysia Shoot & Win


TITLE: [FREE+ONLINE+VIDEO] Ruumz – 15Malaysia Shoot & Win
PRIZE: Macbook Pro 15″
DEADLINE: October 18 2009

Here’s your chance to tell your story of Malaysia. If your video is selected by the director’s of 15Malaysia as the best entry, a brand new Macbook Pro is yours!

Q&A section
* I’m interested! Can I Join?
This contest is open to anyone aged 13 and above residing in Malaysia. You have a story on Malaysia? We wanna see it!

* I fit the bill! What’s next?
Shoot a film with Malaysia as the theme. Your film should be between 1 to 5 minutes long. You can submit a film that you had previously shot on ‘Malaysia’ as long as it has not won in any contest of this kind and more importantly, it must be your original work. Any ‘pirated’ work will not be considered for the Grand Prize. Sorry!

* What are the rules of engagement? Can my video tell any sort of story as long as it’s about Malaysia?
Share your story of Malaysia with everyone in your own creative way as long as you do not shoot anything that would be offensive to anyone’s culture, religion or way of life.

* I have some great stories on Malaysia, but I don’t know the first thing about movie making or film editing. Howlah?
-Don’t fret! Please find below some useful links to guide you
– Using Windows Movie Maker
– Using Adobe Premiere
– Using iMovie

* Ok great! I’m ready to tell my ‘Malaysia’ story in film. Any other specifications I need to look out for?
Well, just a few more. Firstly, your video should not exceed 100MB in size, if not you will not be able to upload it onto our site. Acceptable file formats are 3gp, ASF, DAT, DV, WMV, MOV, MP4, MPG2, FLV, SWF, AVI and GV.

* My video is up! What’s next?
Nice one! Your Malaysia story, along with other stories of Malaysia will be viewable on this site throughout your campaign. Get your friends to view and rate your video. The higher your views and ratings, the higher the chances that your video will be shortlisted for winning by the judges. Oh yes, the panel of judges are the directors of 15Malaysia. I think we mentioned this already. Lol!

* Where do I get all the info on the latest happenings of 15Malaysia?
If you want to be kept in the know for all things related to 15Malaysia, come join our group @ where you can view all the behind-the-scene footages, some cakap-cakap about the directors and much much more!


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