Japan National Tourism Organisation – Win a trip to Japan


TITLE: Japan National Tourism Organisation – Win a trip to Japan
PRIZE: Free trip to Japan for 2 lucky couples (4 Tickets)
DEADLINE: 30th December 2009
WEBSITE/URL: http://visitjapan.com.my/survey.php?lang=1


Complete survey and slogan to win.
Slogan: I love visiting Japan because…(30 words)

Terms and Conditions:
-Campaign Term: 28th August 2009 – 30th December 2009.
-Only those who answer the entire questionnaire and agree to the T&C can apply.
-Information of the applicants may be used for JNTO e-marketing.
-Prize winners will be sent a notifying e-mail or a confirmation phone call in the beginning of January 2010.
-The prize winners will be chosen by JNTO based on the most creative slogan submitted.
-If JNTO cannot get in touch with the winner, a new prize winner will be selected.
-Only those who live in Malaysia and are over 18 years of age are eligible for this campaign.
-The Japan trip prize is given to two pairs of winners (4 tickets in total).
-Only the actual winners are allowed to travel to Japan.
-The campaign secretariat will contact the prize winners directly.
-Travelers are obliged to follow the requirements of the travel agency that is arranging the prize trip.
-The details and requirements of the Japan trip will only be informed to the prize winners.
-Sale or disposal of the prize is prohibited.
-Overhead expenses of traveling abroad (acquisition of passport and visa, airport tax, transportation expense to the airport in Malaysia, accommodation fee before and after your stay, individual expenses at destination) is not included in the Japan trip.
-Only the prize winner will be informed of the date of departure (Expected to be in February 2010 to March 2010), of which the campaign secretariat will set the actual date.
-The prize winner will be informed of the departure date and once the departure date is fixed, the winner will forfeit the prize if the schedule is not met for any reasons.
-Venue and date of the trip is not changeable.
-JNTO will not take any responsibility of whatever accidents that may happen during the trip.
-Judge’s decisions are final. No correspondence will be entertained.

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  1. race 11 years ago

    so have the winners been selected yet??

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