7-Eleven Lifestyle Bonanza SMS Contest


TITLE: 7-Eleven Lifestyle Bonanza SMS Contest

Grand Prize (x1) – ERA CM8 1.3L Car
1st Prize (x2) – SINGER Home Shopping Vouchers worth RM5,000 each
2nd Prize (x2) – iPod touch 16 GB
3rd Prize (x2) – Sony PSP + 8GB Memory Card
4th Prize (x5) – BORDERS Book Voucher worth RM1,000 each
5th Prize (x8) – Celcom Prepaid Airtime worth RM625 each
6th Prize (x10) – Kenny Rogers ROASTERS Meal Vouchers worth RM500 each
7th Prize (x10) – Starbucks Beverage Vouchers worth RM500 each

DEADLINE: 11th October 2009
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.7eleven.com.my/LifeStyle.php

3. Contest Mechanics & Qualifying Criteria
3.1. For every purchases at any 7-Eleven® store within Malaysia that worth RM7 and above in a single original receipt, Contestants are entitled to enter this Contest.

3.2. Contestants are by sending a SMS from only locally registered mobile telephone number.

3.3. To enter the Contest via SMS, the Contestants must send in the entry by typing 711<space>NAME<space>NRIC Number<space>STORE NUMBER<space>RECEIPT NUMBER and send it to 36989 during the Contest Period or the Extended Period, if applicable. Example: 711 MOHD AIMAN HAZIQ BIN FAIZUDDIN 880808105595 #0513 23736

3.4. Contestants will then receive a RM0.50 message with a question and a slogan to be completed within 20 words.

3.5. Contestants have to reply the message by sending 711<space>ANSWER<space>SLOGAN to 36989. Example: 711 A My dream lifestyle is to drive around Malaysia in the brand new ERA CM8. WOW hebatnya!

3.6. Upon completion, Contestant will receive an acknowledgment reply. Example: RM0.50. Thank you for your participation in 7-Eleven’s Lifestyle Bonanza SMS Contest. T&C apply. Refer website: http://www.7Eleven.com.my Contest ends: 11 October 2009.

3.7. Standard telco charges apply for the sending of SMS and RM0.50 will be charged for each SMS entry received.

3.8. Please refer to the receipt for the Store Number and Receipt Number (purchases must be made within the contest period to be eligible). For each Receipt Number collected Contestants are entitled to submit ONE (1) SMS entry only.

3.9. Each Contestant must complete the entire SMS steps, under clause 3.3 to 3.6. Failure to do so or late submission after Contest Period will result in the disqualification of the SMS entry.

3.10. Each Contestant is identified by their NRIC Number submitted in the SMS.

3.11. Contestants may send as many SMS entries as they wish during the Contest period but each SMS entry must be supported by an original Receipt Number and correct answer to qualify. Incomplete, incorrect SMS entries and SMS entries with wrong answer will be disqualified.

3.12. Only two (2) languages are qualified in this Contest (English and Bahasa Malaysia).

3.13. The Organizer are not held liable for SMS messages that cannot be received (ie. unreachable or damaged) and these messages are considered VOID; no matter what causes may be. Proof of SMS sent is not proof of messages received or receipt(s).

3.14. Neither parties (the mobile operators, the Organizer) and any other parties involved in this SMS contest shall be liable in any way for delays and/or interruptions occurs for SMS messages sent and these parties held no responsibilities for any unauthorized use of mobile phone or subscribers’ account in conjunction with this contest.

3.15. Contestant will be judge based on complete details and correct answer submitted and most original and creative slogan within words limit [“Winners”].

3.16. Contestants MUST keep the receipt for each SMS entry sent for Winners verification and prize redemption after the results announcement. Winners’ prizes will be forfeited upon failure to produce the receipt.

3.17. The Organizer reserves the right to reject any registration and/or entry at its sole and absolute discretion without having to assign any reasons whatsoever.

3.18. During the Contest Period, Contestants will be prompted to participate in the Contest via the various publicity materials including posters, hanging mobile, wobblers, banners and press ads.


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