Alan & Hacken back on Neighbours tour

TITLE: Alan & Hacken back on Neighbours tour
PRIZE: RM5,000 for spotted car
Limited-edition windbreakers with every purchase of RM500 and above

VETERAN Hongkong Cantopop singers Alan Tam and Hacken Lee are back with the 2009 edition of their world-famous Zuo Lin You Li (Neighbours) concert tour. This joint live concert, brought in by Star Planet,
is slotted for Nov 28 at 8.30pm at Stadium Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur.

The duo’s Zuo Lin You Li world tour started in 2003. It was so well-received that the artistes went on their second world tour the following year to overwhelming turnouts. Over 100 concerts were performed ac ross Europe, the US, Canada, Hongkong, Macau, Australia, Singapore, parts of China as well as Malaysia.

The two marked a historical milestone of having achieved the most saleable concert in the history of Canton
entertainment. Their popularity was so remarkable that their concert tour even became a brand name with a comedy movie produced and named after it in 2005.

The Zuo Lin You Li concerts also topped the list as the most number of concerts performed outside of Hongkong. In fact, the last two shows in Kuala Lumpur (in 2003 and 2004) drew over 50,000 fans.

This coming Alan Tam & Hacken Lee Concert Live in Malaysia 2009 is part of their 2009 world tour after Hongkong and the US. The tour started beginning this year with a total of 13 consecutive sellout shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Tam and Lee are the perfect match, always bringing on stage great surprises and promise to their fans of an enjoyableconcert experience.

The concert is a mega production with a stunning stage design from audio and visual effects to creative dance choreography, costumes and lots of interaction with the artistes.

Their repertoire of countless greatest hits promises to turn the concert into a mass karaoke session!
Now fans of the two can get special miniatures of the two stars with every ticket purchase of RM300
and above.

In addition, a contest car sticker will be given away for every ticket bought, and if their cars are spotted with the stickers, customers will stand a chance to win a RM5,000 cash prize. A series of limited-edition windbreakers are also up for grabs with every purchase of RM500 and above (full price).

Tickets for the show are priced at RM423, RM323, RM263, RM193, RM143 (numbered seating) and RM93 (free seating). For details, call 03-9223 3667 or log on to


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