Youthsays – Merdeka YOUTH PHOTOGRAPHY Competition


TITLE: Youthsays – Merdeka YOUTH PHOTOGRAPHY Competition
PRIZE: Free stay with Tune hotels and have your work published as well too
DEADLINE: 20 Aug 09

On 30th August 2009, Jazzada will be organizing Youth Jam Super Merdeka Celebration in conjunction with Malaysia’s 52nd Hari Merdeka. This event will be Penang’s Largest Merdeka Youth Festival, aimed to bring Malaysian youths together to celebrate this special occasion in various exciting activities.

One of the held activities will be The Merdeka Youth Photography Competition. A picture speaks a thousand words. All students, amateur and professional photographers are invited to interpret One Malaysia concept through pictures and photography to show the real meaning of unity among Malaysians.

If you love photography and interested to participate, upload your picture (to Flickr, Picasa) and share your links here. The theme of this photography competition is “We are Anak Malaysia”. This contest will end at 20th of August and winners will be announced on 30th August 2009 at Penang Times Square. If you have any questions, please email


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