JUSCO & PASAR RAYA MaxValu "Who Has The Bigger Bear" Spot & Win Contest


TITLE: JUSCO & PASAR RAYA MaxValu “Who Has The Bigger Bear” Spot & Win Contest
RM50 Gift Vouchers to 3 winners per JUSCO store and shopping centre and 1 winner per PASAR RAYA MaxValu.
DEADLINE: 20th Dec 2009
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.jusco.com.my/juscohome/html/jusco/highlights/spot_the_bear/info.php

To be their monthly winner, all you need to do is to spend RM30 and above at any participating JUSCO store, shopping centre tenant and PASAR RAYA MaxValu. Then, purchase the special 25th Anniversary Bear for RM5.90 each and submit the receipt together with the contest form. Put the bear of the month prominently in your car to increase your chances of them spotting it.

Collect all the 25th Anniversary Bears (total of 6) and stand a chance to win JUSCO Vouchers worth RM250 and a 25th Anniversary Bear when you get spotted with them in the month of December. 1 winner per JUSCO store and shopping centre and PASAR RAYA MaxValu.

Terms and conditions apply.

Visit in-store or website for more details.


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