Direct Access – Perfect Livin ‘09 Bonus Point Contest


TITLE: Direct Access – Perfect Livin ‘09 Bonus Point Contest
1x Grand Prize
1,000,000 bonus points

200x Special Prizes
100,000 bonus points

DEADLINE: 15 August 2009.

1. Contest starts from 15 June 2009 and ends on 15 August 2009.
2. The contest is open to all Direct Access credit card cardmembers.
3. Every RM100 cumulatively spent on retail transactions shall entitle the cardmember to 1 entry.
4. There are no contest entry forms to be completed for this contest. The eligible transactions will be selected at any time after the closing date of the contest to determine the winners.
5. Selected cardmembers will be contacted, at any time deemed appropriate by Direct Access, by telephone via the telephone number available in the records of Direct Access at that
particular time to answer 2 pre-determined questions. If both the questions are answered correctly, the selected cardmember will win the prize.
6. Prizes are neither transferable nor exchangeable for cash.
7. If a Direct Access cardmember with a cash rebate card is declared a winner, a Perfect Livin ‘09 Privilege Card will be issued for the purpose of bonus points crediting.
8. Please log on to for more information and the full list of terms & conditions.


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