Klue – Wanna Win Some Cool Levi's Footwear? Contest


TITLE: [FREE+EMAIL+QUIZ+SLOGAN] Klue – Wanna Win Some Cool Levi’s Footwear? Contest
PRIZE: A pair of Levi’s® Reused Jeans Shoes
DEADLINE: 30 June 2009
WEBSITE/URL: http://klue.com.my/articles/1896-Wanna-Win-Some-Cool-Levis-Footwear

Levi’s® Reused Jeans Shoes gives new life to old, worn-out Levi’s® jeans by turning them into snazzy new shoes. No two pairs of Levi’s® Reused Jeans Shoes are alike as a pair of jeans can only make one pair of shoes, hence all uppers are unique. Perfect for those seeking to express their individuality! To create these shoes, millions of worn Levi’s® jeans were amassed from all over the world. With only limited numbers available in Malaysia, Levi’s® Reused Jeans Shoes will be in stores from June 2009 onwards. The retail price of the shoes range from RM159 to RM219.

You know what’s coming up! We’re giving you the chance to win a pair of Levi’s® Reused Jeans Shoes. All you have to do is answer the questions below and complete the sentence in the wackiest way possible. Email your answers to contest@klue.com.my with the heading ‘Levi’s Shoes’ along with your full name, age, IC, gender and contact number by 30 June 2009!

1. What is the material used to create a pair of Levi’s® Reused Jeans Shoes?

2. Name two parts of the jeans which are used to form the body of the shoes.

3. “I can express my individuality with a pair of Levi’s® Reused Jeans Shoes by…” (in no more than 30 words)

We have 25 pairs of Levi’s ® Reused Jeans Shoes worth RM199 each to give away, so get cracking now!


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