Spyder-Net – MAY 2009 Contest


TITLE: [FREE+ONLINE+QUIZ] Spyder-Net – MAY 2009 Contest
PRIZE: 10 Super GT Grandstand Tickets worth RM 150 each and 1 Very Lucky Winner shall walk away with the coveted prize, the GT Club Ticket Worth RM 1,400
DEADLINE: 20th May 2009
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.spyder-net.com/may09contest.htm

Spyder-Net.com is having its MAY 2009 Contest soon and this time it will be very special. There will be 10 very lucky people who stand a chance to win 10 Super GT Grandstand tickets worth RM 150 per ticket.

The ultra rare, ultra expensive GRAND PRIZE will be a GT CLUB Access Ticket with paddock and pit lane access with free food and drinks in the comfort of an air conditioned environment. That GRAND PRIZE is WORTH RM 1,500 and there will be only one very very lucky winner.

The contest will start on the 10th of May 2009 and will end on the 20th of May 2009. Just use the Spyder-Net.com search engine and answer 10 questions and submit your details from 10th to 20th of May and you will stand a chance to win.

The contest will be held in the Spyder-Net.com Automotive Section, http://spyder-net.com/autos.htm], so start using the search engine today. The more you use the Spyder-Net.com Search engine or you’re a frequent visitor of the Spyder-Net.com site, the more you will stand a chance to win the Super GT Grandstand tickets.


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