EOE – My Happy Baby Contest

What brightens up the day more than seeing a happy smile from your child? The bright laughter and the contagious giggle definitely put you at the top of the world! We believe you parents out there have been persistently capturing these moments of your young ones and sharing them as well!

Why not upload a picture of your happy baby here and brightens someone’s day too! You’ll also get a chance to turn your wonderful baby photos into prints for keepsake which is very memorable that you get to hold and see the actual photo print of your child in your hands!

This photo competition is open for photo entries of child aged 6 years old and below. If you child was 6 years old and below in year 2008, you are eligible to participate.

This competition will run from 12:00hrs 03 March 2009 to 12:00hrs 13 April 2009. You are able to upload your photos from 12:00hrs 03 March 2009 to 11:59hrs 30 March 2009. Voting will start from 12:00hrs 30 March 2009 to 12:00hrs 13 April 2009.


1st Prize – 2 x 12R framed photo + 300 4R prints worth RM300.00
2nd Prize – 2 x 10R framed photo + 200 4R prints worth RM200.00
3rd Prize – 2 x 8R framed photo + 100 4R prints worth RM100.00
5 x Consolation Prize – 40 4R prints worth RM20.00

DEADLINE: 12:00hrs 13 April 2009
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.eoe.com.my/data/cp/C1235727941110/data/index.html


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