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Log –on to your ruum, navigate to myRuumates and send invites to friends and family via email or via broadcasted invite link. You can broadcast your link in your blog and IM conversations. Participants will earn one (1) sign up for each new ruumate recruited via their personal invite link for each round. Therefore, only upon which the receiver clicks on the invite link and successfully registers as a ruumz member, would the Participant be awarded a sign-up. Participants will not be awarded any sign-ups purely by sending invites only.

Participants may check their total number of sign-ups in their Invitation Status page.  The number of sign-ups will be reset to zero once each round is over.


PRIZE: There are 15 iPod Nanos* and exclusive ruumz merchandise to be given away!

Eligibility & Programme Duration

Be my ruumate! (“Programme”) shall be held from 16th March 2009 to 30th June 2009 and it is divided into 3 rounds (Round Period) which are as follows:
Round 1 : 16th March – 30th April
Round 2 : 1st May – 31st May
Round 3 : 1st June – 30th June

Each round will close at 11.59 pm respectively on 30th April 2009 (Round 1), 31st May 2009 (Round 2) and 30th June 2009 (Round 3).
Programme is opened to all RUUMZ MEMBERS, above 13 years of age and residing in Malaysia only (“Participants”). Ruumzters who have registered after this Programme has started are eligible to participate.
Employees of ruumzNation Sdn Bhd, agencies, and sponsors are not eligible to participate in this Programme. Associate companies including parent and subsidiary companies of ruumzNation are eligible to participate.
ruumzNation may at its sole and absolute discretion extend the Programme Duration at any time without giving any prior notice. Participants’ participation in the Programme during the extended period shall be governed by this Programme’s Terms and Conditions.

Selection of Top ruumzsters

The Top ruumzsters will be chosen based on participants with the highest sign-ups at the end of each round.
Selection process will be conducted by ruumzNation and its associates.
Every sign-up earned by the Participant must represent a genuine and unique individual. ruumzNation may at its sole and absolute discretion disqualify Participants with false sign-ups.
To qualify for the Top 5 Rewards, participants must achieve a minimum of 50 sign-ups (“Minimum requirement”) at the end of each round.
In the event of a tie, decision will be based on the earlier date and time of the last successful ruumate registered.


The Rewards for this Programme are as follows:-
Reward (Round 1): Grand Reward: 5 x iPod Nano + exclusive goodie bag
Next 10 Rewards: 10 x exclusive goodie bag
Reward (Round 2): Grand Reward: 5 x iPod Nano + exclusive goodie bag
Next 10 Rewards: 10 x exclusive goodie bag
Reward (Round 3): Grand Reward: 5 x iPod Nano + exclusive goodie bag
Next 10 Rewards: 10 x exclusive goodie bag
There will be up to 45 Top ruumzsters rewarded as per the following:-
The Top 5 Reward of an iPod Nano and exclusive ruumz goodie bag will be given to the top five (5) participants who successfully gained a minimum of fifty (50) sign-ups, at the end of each round.
The following 10 participants will be rewarded with one (1) exclusive ruumz goodie bag at the end of each round.
In the event there are less than five (5) Top ruumsters in that particular round who meet the Minimum Requirement, the Top 5 Rewards will snowball to the top ruumzsters in the following round and thereafter in the final round, in the event the participants do not qualify for the Minimum Requirement, then RuumzNation shall at its absolute discretion decide the allocation of the Top 5 Rewards accordingly.
RuumzNation will only reward participants with the Top 5 Reward who meet the Minimum Requirement of fifty (50) sign-ups regardless of the total accumulated rewards remaining.
All rewards are given on an ‘As Is’ basis. RuumzNation reserve the right to substitute any of the rewards in whole or in part with that of a similar value at its sole and absolute discretion at any time without prior notice, liability, compensation to any participants or any other party.


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