eMenang 2nd Anniversary Contest

In celebrating eMenang.com upcoming 2nd anniversary, we are proud to bring you not just 1 but 2 cool contest! Stand a chance to win mystery prizes worth up to RM1,000 or special bag collection from gin & Jackie.


1) eMenang 2nd Anniversary Contest – Spot The Icons!

5 mini icons of our prize sponsors have been hidden all over eMenang Community Forum. Every icon carry a special code and you must collect all of the codes to take part in this contest.

All the icons are hidden in a specific forum topic within eMenang Community Forum. You can look for the icon on the first post of the topic. Below are all the clues on how you can find these icons. The secret code will appear at the bottom area of every icon.

ICON 1: “If I were a House Bunny, I would ..“
ICON 2: “I am not a ‘SuperDaddy’, I’m a ….“
ICON 3: “Shout your way to the Premium Version!“
ICON 4: “I Feel Yeh!“
ICON 5: “Gua ada bakat+masa.“

2) eMenang 2nd Anniversary Contest – Win Gin & Jacqie Bags!

Create a slogan in less than 40 words.

“If I could design my own practical and functional bag which I could carry everyday and cost below RM40 it would be…”

Both of these contest ends on 21st March 2009. Winners will be decided based on all correct answers and followed by the best slogan. List of all winners will be announced on eMenang.com by 31st March 2009. You can submit as many entry as you wish.

*eMenang.com would like to thank AliceWonders.com, gin & Jacqie, waahhh.com, NTV7, Gua.com.my and all emenangites for the kind sponsorship of this contest.

  1. kitepunye 12 years ago

    Dah blog abt the contest …
    alhamdulilah kalu ada rezeki…


  2. jing jing 12 years ago

    just done =} ~


    gambate everyone and have fun!

  3. mohd azlan 12 years ago

    gudluck to all

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