The Straits Times Word Hunt 2008 Contest


TITLE: The Straits Times Word Hunt 2008 Contest
PRIZE: Refer description
DEADLINE: Refer description

Participate in The Straits Times Word Hunt 2008 Contest and stand a chance to win:

Per Round Prices:
1st Prize: RM5,000
2nd Prize: RM4,000
3rd Prize: RM3,000
4th Prize: RM2,000
5th Prize: RM1,000

Consolation Prize:
20x Consolation Prize: RM500 each

To participate, you are required to complete and compile all 10 days entry forms (per round) before sending them at the end of each round.

25 winners will be selected for each round. Winners (with correct answers) will be selected via lucky draw.

Contest period:
Round 1 from 17th till 21st November and 24th till 28th November 2008
Round 2 from 1st till 5th December and 8th till 12th December 2008
Round 3 from 15th till 19th December and 22nd till 27th December 2008
Round 4 from 29th December 2008 till 2nd January 2009 and 5th till 9th January 2009

Terms and conditions apply.

Get a copy of The News Straits Times for the entry form.

  1. alan 12 years ago

    hey! when is the winners of the fes round will be annouced??? i waited long time already. they said the winners will be announced after a month from the date closing. now is already late lorh!! :(((

  2. ismi56 12 years ago

    Agreed with alan..
    When is it mr. organizer…??

  3. adrian 12 years ago

    hey!…i agreed wit alan too!….is been so long!…i have like been waiting for so long already:(….but therez no newz or wat so ever!…watz goin on here!….have something gone wrong????….hope therez a reason for all tiz delay!….chau!

  4. manju 12 years ago

    i agree with everyone not satisfied with this..i’ve been waiting for a very long time..pls inform us, when & how the winners list will be announced?!!!

  5. Sally 12 years ago

    Me too,waited so long………. all kena tipu lah……….I think

  6. alan 12 years ago

    tanx for agreeing with me.
    haha! y not we do a protest! or perarakan! WE WANT MONEY!! WE WANT MONEY!!! lolz.
    now i’ve stop already buying the newspaper.. h0h0.

  7. adrian 12 years ago

    heh…i waz juzt wondering!…is the organizer reading our comments or wat???….if he is….wouldnt there be a reply y itz taking so long to announce the winner…or y itz so damn long!!!…i hope he is reading our commentz…i really spent my whole time in tiz contest in round 1 till round 4!….plz mr organizer….hope u can reply the reason y itz takin so long to announce!…im really am upset here…anyway chau!

  8. Ismi Md Isa 12 years ago

    Indeed Adrian!!
    Well guys, wat can we do??..*sigh*…
    juz wait n cross our fingers!

  9. Ashvin 12 years ago

    Hi. Just wondering why New Strait Times word hunt organizers are not going to publish the winners for the contest. Is it because there is misuse of funds allocated or the winners are selected based on their own criterias. It is not fair for people who has spend their time and money based on the trust given by this reputable newspaper company. Please be fair and announce the winners in public so that people are aware that the judges decision would be final. Don’t keep it a secret! Thanks.

  10. fida86 12 years ago

    hi there fellows!!
    looks like i’m not d only 1 who’s waitin’ 4 d winner announcements!!i get myself tired so i post my quest to the lost & found.
    i was wondering when is d actual date 4 d announcements??com’on!!we really support NST not only b’coz of contest,but d information given.I really get mad if the editor keep actin’ like this.

  11. Philip Tan 11 years ago

    Agreed with all d above. Need d results asap. Pls dont keep us ur readers in d dark. Can somebody big in d co do something?

  12. stormtrooper 11 years ago

    I was expecting the winners list of round 4 in today’s NST. I presume they want us to keep buying their papers for a long long time to know the winners. Their circulation must be slowing down so badly being the MSM that they are now resorting to dubious ways to sell their papers. W.T.F. I have stopped buying NST a long time ago. I guess I will never know if I am one of the winners.

  13. nurrani 11 years ago

    when the results,…..why it is takes so long to decide it…juz want to know the winner,..but if i’m not the choosen one….i sattisfied with that….

  14. adrian 11 years ago

    My god!… like june 27 already!….wat happen here!…..where are the rezultz!…..thiz is really kind of not fair at all!…..i put lotz of afford in this puzzles!…..and the new straits timez juzt keep quite and dont say anything wat haz happen!!!!!…………come on new straits timez!!!!…..we have been supporting you all by buying your newzpapers all the time!….you cant do this to us like that!….is not fair!….hmmmmm…..hope to hear the rezults soon!… so disappointed here!….very disappointed!

  15. sharifah 11 years ago

    hai, bila result nak keluar nie????? dah setahun berlalu tanpa berita

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