LexusModeling Click n Win Contest


TITLE: [ONLINE+QUIZ] LexusModeling Click n Win Contest
1st Prize:
* Two winners
* Win RM100/person
* One Year LexusModeling Gold Membership. Worth RM180/yr
* Total prize RM280
* (hurry, be the first 2 persons to send us with your correct answer)

2nd Prize:
* 6 members will win
* One Year LexusModeling Gold Membership worth RM180/yr.

DEADLINE: 30 November 2008

Hi, we are organizing a very simple and easy contest in our website and name it with “Click n Win” contest.

Winner can be more than one person.

You stand for higher chances to win and get back RM100 cash from us now!!

Hurry! start now!

How to join this contest ?

1. This contest is only open to all member’s.
2. IF you are not a LexusModeling member and wish to join this contest, you are welcome to free signup with us.
3. Click on those “Google Ad Word” OR “Google Advertisment” in our website to check either there is the website we lare ooking for as printscreen below.
4. You need to click on the google ad word in our website and and tell us the website URL or Domain name and you win the prize!
5. Try to get the website URL or Domain Name and Win RM100 Cash + 1year Gold Membership (worth RM180)
6. Send us with your correct Answer/URL/Domain Name to email

Subject: Click n Win.
7. Closing Date: 30th Nov 2008

Below is the website we need you to search by click on those google ad word from our website

and tell us the URL or Domain Name and Win the Prize!


Question: What is the Domain Name or URL for this above website?

Answer: _______________________________________________

Send in your answer to us at email:

with Email Subject: Click n Win Contest


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