Celebrating 1,000,000th CLLI


TITLE: Celebrating 1,000,000th CLLI
PRIZE: CLLI products
WEBSITE/URL: http://cal-lab.com/Cal-Lab%27s%201,000,000th%20CLLI%20Leaflet.doc

Cal-Lab Lightning Isolators (CLLI) utilizes the World’s FIRST Patented Lightning Isolation Technique (US Patent #5675468). Because of the proven performance since 1995, keeping equipment & users safe from lightning, Cal-Lab is daring enough to offer unparalleled Limited Lifetime Service Warranty (LLSWA). Non-tampered, lightning damaged CLLI can be exchanged at RM 25 or less at Cal-Lab KL-PJ Showroom or participating outlets.

Our tag-line is: < CLLI – Save Money & Save Life >

Soon, we will be delivering our 1,000,000th CLLI. Thanks a million to all our supporters and users for your goodwill and trust in being counted into the CAL-LAB family! To share in this great feeling of achievements for the past 15 years, anyone who buys a CLLI from now until March 31, 2009 shall have a chance to become a part of our 1,000,000th CLLI Celebration.

Celebrating 1,000,000th CLLI PROMOTION!!
World’s unique Cal-Lab Lightning Isolators

* No purchase is necessary (for online entries).

Please refer to the *Terms and Conditions attached for more information.

Come join us in this special occasion and celebrate Cal-Lab’s 1,000,000th CLLI promotion by completing the form attached in this post or you can download it HERE.

If you should have furher queries, do feel free to contact us at callabkl@gmail.com or at our Tech-support hot-line: 012-771 8225 / Reseller Assistance: 012-773 8225.


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