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TITLE: [ONLINE+BLOG] 50+1 I Love Malaysia Contest
PRIZE: We’ve got 100 of the 50+1 Malaysia book (worth RM51) to giveaway to 100 bloggers to do what you do best – share your story.
DEADLINE: We hate to rush you, but once we have enough good posts, we will close this contest. So, do Hurry!
WEBSITE/URL: http://themalaysiapage.com/contest-for-bloggers/

Ask any Malaysian & you will hear some grouses or two. But go deeper, and you know that we all LOVE Malaysia in someway or rather.

And this is not surprising, as there are many reasons for us to Love this beautiful country of ours – from its places, people or food, there is something we all treasure about this country we call home.

Share Your Story: I LOVE Malaysia

In conjunction with the upcoming Merdeka, we’ve got 100 of the 50+1 Malaysia book (worth RM51) to giveaway to 100 bloggers to do what you do best – share your story.

All you need to do to put yourself in the running to win this 50+1 Malaysia book is:

1. Copy the 50+1 Malaysia book cover below & paste it in your post.

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2. Write what you love about Malaysia. It can be anything. But here is a guide:
i. Malaysian culture you find unique – this include the lahs, going to mamak stalls, giving ang pow or duit raya, etc.
ii. Your favourite Malaysian food – need we say more?
iii. Your favourite Malaysia holiday destination, or for that matter on your hometown
iv. Things you like to do in Malaysia
v. Festival in Malaysia that you enjoy
vi. Your favourite Malaysian celebrity

Just a guide: A 200-250 page post is a good post.

3. Put a link to



4. Send us your post URL once you are done at this form.

5. We hate to rush you, but once we have enough good posts, we will close this contest. So, do Hurry!

Good Luck! :)

*Not sure how to write? Check these entries by fellow bloggers.

The Form (fill this after you have written your LOVE story):


This is the list of entries by our fellow bloggers:

1. Love Story On Malaysia
By Choonie
I am a Malaysian Chinese.
I always introduced myself as a Malaysian Chinese when I am among some non-Malaysian friends.
If not, they will think I am from China.
Many of them cannot understand that in Malaysia, we do have many races and one of the big three races in Malaysia is Chinese (read full post…)

2. To Know Malaysia Is To Love Malaysia
By Suituapui
The love I have for my country
The love I have for my fellowmen
Together let us stand hand in hand
United and strong, as one people, one nation,
one Malaysia
(read full post…)

3. Love Story on Malaysia: Malacca Historic City
By Nux V
I have been scratching head, thinking of any uniqueness I could find on M’sia. Despite all the grumbles and hassles that is going around on the recent fuel price hike and the rising inflation, this beloved country does still have its own charm.
Recently, I went for a local trip, sort of a ‘makan trip’ to Malacca. There was this slogan, which goes by ‘Visiting Malacca, means visiting Malaysia’. Could be true, coz this historic state was recently being nominated for UNESCO heritage site, and it has centuries-long history with blended cultures. (read full post…)

4. What I Love Most About Malaysia
By Amir Fuad
The one thing that I love most about Malaysia is definitely the multi-cultural experience.

I grew up in the Kuala Lumpur and attended a Catholic missionary school in the heart of the city which had a good ethnic mix of students. I was able to glimpse into the lives of kids from other ethnic backgrounds. I learned many things- that my Indian friends come from of many dialect groups (e.g. Tamilian, Ceylonese, Malayalee, Punjabi, etc), that my Chinese friends ate dinner “early” but will do supper before bedtime. I also learned that my Eurasian friends have humble backgrounds (the Melaka Christao are mostly fishermen). (read full post…)

5. Malaysia – The New Villages
By Kervin Chong
If you take a look around and closely scrutinise your surrounding you are sure to find great places where you were never aware. I’ve always been fascinated with the new villages which according to your history books came about during the Communist insurrection as a result of the Brigg’s plan to relocate far flung settlements into a centralised area to prevent smuggling of aid and food to communists.
(read full post…)

6. Love Malaysia? Why Not?
By Maynard Keyne
The Mamaks all over the place is such a nice place to hang out and chill while sipping some Teh Ais with Roti Naan, watching a show on the huge screen with people from all walks of life, any time, any day. When bored or feeling a familiar stirring in my tummy, I’ll just call up a friend or two, whether it be at 10 p.m. or 1 a.m. and go off to any nearby Mamak. Talking through the night, sharing stories on life and times, is a memory I’ll always cherish. (read full post…)

7. My Country, My Home, Malaysia
By Claire Tham
Loving Malaysia because she is my country and my home…. (read full post…)

8. Malaysia, Why Do I Love Thee?
By Janet
I am not Malaysian but I am married to one and has been in Malaysia for 5 years and 7 months now. For this period of time, I have learned so much about Malaysia, its diverse cultures, food, festival and even “pantangs” or superstitious beliefs as you call it. Being here this long helped me learn and discover a lot of nice things about Malaysia and its people. And indeed I have fallen in love with Malaysia. So Malaysia, why do I love thee?

Let me count the ways… (read full post…)

9. I LOVE MALAYSIA (Sabah to be precise :))
By JerryInc
I love Malaysia because: This is the only country I’ve ever lived in, the different cultures and myriad of races…. (read full post…)

10. I Love Malaysia
By My Bug Life
What do I love about Malaysia? A lot actually. But MBL would like to focus on my series of One Island Travel Stories which gives readers a glimpse into Malaysia (its lesser known little towns and local foods) and One Island (quite literally, there is indeed only one) as my favourite holiday destination.
(read full post…)

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11. My Cravings for Bak Kut Teh
By Jam
Have you tried before curry flavored Bak Kut Teh? The flavor is so special that you cannot find anything similar anywhere in Malaysia! (read full post…)

12. Why I Love Malaysia
By Mimi
Malaysia has cultural and religious harmony. Ya, ya, it sounds so trite by now, after reading and hearing about it all the time. But it’s not just hype. It’s the reality… (read full post…)

13. Share Your Story: I Love Malaysia Contest
By C. J.
Water, air space, Pedra Branca, the competition, the Lee Kuan Yew vs Mahathir bad blood aside, I love Malaysia and the people of Malaysia.
(read full post…)

14. A Malaysian at Heart
By Melissa Hsu
My view of my homeland, Malaysia! (read full post…)

15. I love Malaysia
By BobbyT
I have seen the outside world, I have stayed and visited other foreign countries and I have heard about other cultures as well. However, deep in my heart, I have no doubt in my heart that Malaysia is the country I love. Malaysia is unique in her own ways. (read full post…)

16. Win A Book – 50+1 Malaysia
By HappySurfer
What warms me up when I think of this land I call home? Without a doubt, I like the freedom.(read full post…)

17. Why I Love Malaysia
By MockingBird
I love Malaysia because it has a long North South Highway for driving on and dozing off on. North South Highway is much longer than Singapore’s Pan-Island Expressway where the speed limit is lower and there is risk of driving one’s Ferrari or Lamborghini off the island once the 4th gear is engaged…(read full post…)

18. I Love Malaysia
By Wen Ting
I love Malaysia. You might be asking me why do I love my country, Malaysia? I was born in a beautiful island which has been very well known as The Pearl of the Orient. Yes, I was talking about Penang. (read full post…)


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