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Welcome to the fabulous runway of movie-making! We know that there are loads of you out there with gung-ho ideas and a secret desire to step into the shoes of Yasmin Ahmad or Steven Spielberg… But for your own reasons, haven’t found the fitting courage or space to showcase your passion and talent to the world…Isn’t that right? What if we told you that now, you can and definitely should do it on MyOwn TVC?? This could be just the break you’ve been waiting for… Your walk to incredible fame and creative fulfilment!


Here on MyOwnTVC, you’ll not only get to sit in the Director’s chair to create a TV Commercial of your choice, but also the fantastic opportunity to step forward into the media industry. Yes, we are looking for the next advertising idol… The one who believes that he/she has the prowess of a creative mastermind to match Neil French’s saga (just to name but one!) Sounds easy? Think you’ve got what it takes? Then keep reading, my friend…
Who can join?

Everyone! That’s right… We believe that Creativity comes in all shapes, sorts and sizes. That’s why we adopt a strong “no discrimination, no limitation” policy. Our only itsy-bitsy request is that you give us a piece that sparkles with originality. By that, we mean something fresh, something new, something none has ever seen before.

One iPod Touch 6GB Worth RM1100One iPod Shuffle 1GB worth RM350 and RM500 disount on your next trainingOne iPod Shuffle 1GB worth RM350 and RM300 disount on your next training

What are you waiting for? Spread the word, get cracking and send in as many entries as you wish! Once we’ve got them, we’ll watch and pass your clips on to our panel of hip and happening Executive Creative Directors from top agencies in town for their reviews. Then, collectively we’ll vote for the best three entries. Just like in an award show. It’s that simple!

*Note: Discount amount for your next course of training at 95%

Spread the news around, create the clips together and win the amazing prizes now!


* Everything you submit… Must be yours and only yours. No copyrighted materials are allowed or your entry will be void,
* Must not be published anywhere else before, that include YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video and etc.,
* Must not contain any inpropriate content such as pornography and etc.,
* Will not be return and will keep by us,

* Your privacy Your name/nick and email will not be sold or seen by any third party,
* Any material that content copyrighted frame will be report to the proper law,


* What is TVC?
That’s the advertising lingo for ‘Television Commercial’.
* Who can join this contest?
Anyone, especially you!
* How to join this contest?
Make a TVC using your mobile phone camera, digital camera, DV or any device with image recording. The TVC can be about any subject or product. Then, when you’re done capturing it, submit the clip to us here.
* Any rules and regulations?
Not really, the TVC can be about any subject or product you want. Just remember to keep it original and fresh, ya? If we wanted boring, standard commercials, we can always flip through the channels on t.v.
* What is the maximum time frame for this TVC?
3 minutes at most. You don’t want to be making an epic movie, do you?
* What is the maximum size for this TVC?
10MB if you’re sending through email / 5 MB if you’re sending over the web.
* But my video from my mobile phone camera/digital camera/DV/(Insert device name) is in huge size, how?
Windows Users: Go to Start -> Program -> Accessories -> Window Movie Maker. Drag your video there the compress it and save it.
Mac Users: There is a bundle application – iMovie comes in with every Mac, drag your video there then compress it and save it.
* I did this TVC before for college assignment…
Stop right there! We want something fresh and new from you, not your marked homework please!
* I have question(s) without answer here.
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