MIX fm's Serena C and Pietro’s Lie Detector Test


PRIZE: RM 1,000
DEADLINE: The action starts 28 July.
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.mix.fm/special/liedetector/default.asp

Telling the truth pays… RM 1,000!

If you’ve always wanted to know if your other half has cheated on you, or if you are trying to find out if that the RM 800 on your boss’ expense claim was actually for a business dinner, or if you have always suspected that your parents played favorites – then put them to the lie detector test! Get them strapped to the Polygraph Machine with Serena C, Pietro and the famous polygraph expert Akhbar Satar!

Just register the person you’d like to have take the lie detector test. And let us know why you want them to take the test. If you and your friend/relative/partner/spouse/boss/etc dares to take the test, we’ll pay you RM 1,000 cash in total!

So how truthful are Malaysians? That’s exactly what we plan to find out with Serena C and Pietro’s Lie Detector. Get ready to be glued to your radio as the action starts 28 July.

Serena C and Pietro’s Lie Detector Test certified genuine by the HP Officejet Pro All-in-One printer series. For color printouts that now cost less. We’re revealing the truth on MIX fm. If you are just dying to find out the truth or the lie, whichever one is out there… then register now!


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