kennysia Chelsea Live in Malaysia Contest


PRIZE: 10 pairs of match tickets and 30 pairs of training passes to giveaway
DEADLINE: 21 July 2008

I’ve been given 10 pairs of match tickets and 30 pairs of training passes to giveaway when Chelsea F.C. comes to town.

To win the tix, just write a blog entry about Chelsea’s tour to Malaysia, e-mail me at

and I’ll give them to ya for free!

Please help me interview the Chelsea coach Felipe Scolari.

Leave me a comment with your questions. On the 21st July, when I get my chance to talk to Felipe Scolari. I’ll ask the question on your behalf.

As a token of my appreciation, 12 of you who asked the best questions will be rewarded with two match tickets to watch Chelsea vs Malaysia at the Shah Alam Stadium on the 29th July.

So here’s your chance to ask Scolari everything that you ever wanted to know about him, football, or the EPL in general. You can ask him anything you want.

Which player does Scolari wanna recruit the most?

Why do football coaches do that funny dance everytime their player made a mistake?

And why do football players always run away so fast after they scored a goal?

Is it because when they SCORE, they must LARI? Is that why his name is also SCOLARI?

Please help me interview Scolari. You ask the questions, I’ll pass it on and I’ll give you some free match tickets.

Go on, the floor is yours!


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