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PRIZE: Four lucky peeps stand a chance to win RM250 worth of GAP shopping vouchers.DEADLINE: 31 July 2008WEBSITE/URL: http://www.junkonline.net/articles/135-Gaps-Art-Of-Colours-Summer-2008DESCRIPTION:Summer is a season of effortless and comfortable fashion. And this summer, GAP is bringing you effortless, comfortable fashion in a way that lets you express your individual style.Everything for summer is pared down to what you wear most–from shorts and t-shirts to skirts and dresses. Rich tones of purple, green and khaki with pops of bright colour bring a new level of sophistication to all these must-have summer pieces.For women, soft woven shirts and tanks pair with belted shorts. Layer on a scarf or cardigan to complete the look.Men can pair casual cargo shorts with plaid shirts or even play with patterns by trying a striped polo with a pair of madras shorts.And speaking of madras, both women and men can add a touch of boldness to their wardrobe with a pair of madras shorts or a woven shirt. For a stylish yet relaxed statement, try a long madras dress–it’s the perfect expression of comfortable summer style.Win cool shopping vouchers from GAP!

Four lucky peeps stand a chance to win RM250 worth of GAP shopping vouchers. Just send in your answers to the questions below along with your FULL NAME and IC number to contests@junkonline.net

. Remember to make your subject “BUZZED WITH GAP”.1) Where is Marie Digby from and what online service helped make her popular?2) I wanna be Buzzed by GAP because …Closing date is Thursday, 31 July. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Good luck!


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