Dafi & Gita Concert – How to Win?


PRIZE: Dafi & Gita Concert tickets
DEADLINE: 28th June 2008
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.cornetto.com.my/concert-howtowin.php

Questions & Answers

1. When is the concert?
Answer: 28th June 2008

2. Where is the Venue?
Answer: Padang Merbuk

3. Where is Padang Merbuk?
Answer: Padang Merbuk, Jalan parlimen, 50480, Kuala Lumpur (next to Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Sultan Hishamuddin Alam Shah)

4. How to get to the Venue?
Answer: Take LRT & drop by at Masjid Jamek station, 15 to 20 minutes walk to Padang Merbuk or your could drive and there are parking spaces available.

5. How to get additional ticket?
Answer: Buy more Cornetto ice cream and participant in the SMS contest in order to redeem more concert ticket.

6. How long is the concert?
Answer: not more than 2 hours


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