Celebrate Earth Day with Go 'e' Contest


Leaf A: 10 lucky agents who have e-ticketed between (10 – 20 tickets) on the Amadeus system will have a chance to win (a wonderful green gift).

Branch B: 5 lucky agents who have e-ticketed between (21-30 tickets) on the Amadeus system will have a chance to win (a fabulous green gift).

Trunk C: 5 lucky agents who have e-ticketed (31 tickets upwards) on the Amadeus system will have a chance to win (an awesome green gift).

Super Bumper: This is the jackpot. Agent who makes the highest number of booking/e-ticketing on the Amadeus system during the promotion period will win (a super bumper green gift).
DEADLINE: 25 may 2008
WEBSITE/URL: http://www.amadeus.net.my/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

The Go ‘e’ and save the tree contest details

Go ‘e’ to win green gifts
It’s simple, TAs have to book and e-ticket on the Amadeus system as much as you can during the promotion period.

The higher the level you get into the better the prizes are at stake. After you have booked and e-ticketed with Amadeus, please queue in your PNR at the following queue address:

’e’ agency award
The travel agency which has the highest number of booking/ e-ticketing done on the Amadeus system during the promotion period will win the ‘e’ agency recognition award.

Green tips
10 TAs who post the best fun tip to save the tree in the Go ‘e’ and save the tree interactive forum at http://www.amadeusasia.com/go_e/ will win (a lovely green gift).

Terms and conditions:

1. Competition is valid for All Amadeus subscriber travel agencies only.
2. Contest Period is from 21st April to 24th May 2008.
3. e-ticket number is mandatory in the PNR
4. Travel must be completed before 31st May 2008
5. Following number of prizes would be awarded. In case more entries are received than the number of prizes per period there will be a computerized draw.
Category No. of booking Prize
Leaf A (between 10 – 20 tickets) 10 prizes
Branch B (between 21-30 tickets) 10 prizes
Trunk C (31 tickets upwards) 5 prizes
Super Bumper highest booking in a month 1 prize

6. Results will be announced on June 30, 2008.
7. All prizes are not exchangeable and/or transferable.
8. All prizes are final. Failure to accept the prizes will constitute a rejection by the winner of the said prize.
9. Prizes will need to be collected from the local Amadeus office after submitting the required details.
10. Amadeus may in its discretion, at any time replace or substitute the prizes with any other prize of equal value, and reserve the right to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions without prior notice.
11. Any enquiries kindly contact your sales consultant at your nearest Amadeus office.

Amadeus reserves the right to alter, modify or withdraw the promotion at any given time without prior notice or intimation.


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