Maggi "Mencari Bintang" Contest

DEADLINE: Tuesday, 20th May 2008

There are 2 ways of participation which are: Submit a 2-minute online video by 20th May 2008 or visit on-site audition at these locations:

10th and 11th May from 10am till 6pm at:
Penang, City Bayview Hotel
Kota Kinabalu, Hyatt

17th and 18th May from 10am till 6pm at:
Kuantan, MS Garden
Kuching, Perpustakaan Negeri

24th and 25th May from 10am till 6pm at:
Johor Bahru, Puteri Pacific
Kuala Lumpur, Rebung Restaurant Bangsar Park

Terms and conditions apply.

Call 1 800 883 433 for more details.

Contest Info
This Program “MAGGI® MENCARI BINTANG” is a reality program that will challenge a participant’s cooking skill, as well as to test the participant’s ability in dealing and overcoming various challenges. Winners will receive cash prizes, as well as the opportunity to represent the MAGGI® brand in selected promotional activities.

  1. lopaz affendy 12 years ago

    saya Lopaz Affendy Bin kad pengenalan 810628-12-5613 pemenang hadiah bonus maggi mencari bintang di dalam sms dan tolong hantar hadiah saya ke alamat berikut.,,, Lopaz Affendy Bin Gintingan,D/A Aliscia Bin Gintingan,Peti Surat 81,89158 Kota Belud, Sabah.

  2. lopaz affendy 12 years ago

    no coment

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